Neon Jungle Slot

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Neon Jungle designed and developed by Iron Dog Studios is a colourful, enjoyable and funny slot that pays homage to artwork of movies of 1980. Set against the beautiful background of Rio De Janeiro, the Amazon rainforest has been given a makeover in this modern work of art.

The machine has 3 rows, 5 reels, and 20 paylines for the players. Using multiple elements of the jungle, this video slot maintains authenticity, something which has long been a standout feature of products from Iron Dog Studios. An incredible piece of background score keeps the player’s company as they travel from one end of this colourful forest to the other.

Features of Neon Jungle Online Slot

Like any modern days slot game, the Neon Jungle pokies feature wild, jackpot, bonus, and multiplier features. Free spins are awarded in big numbers as the mother nature, even though in her neon form, is ever so generous towards the players.

  • Wild Card: The funny money acts as the wild symbols in the game. It can replace all other symbols if it leads to the formation of a winning combo. It cannot replace the scatter and free spin card.
  • Symbols: Staying true to its name, every symbol in the game glows with a beautiful neon hue. The regular symbols used in the game are A, K, J, Q, and 10. Special symbols are flowers, a butterfly, and a monkey.
  • Scatter: The Chameleon acts as the scatter symbol, and it can award the highest payout to the players.
  • Free Spins: A purple snail awards free spins to the players if they are able to collect more than 3 snail cards on their reels.

Keno Bonus

Pink Flamingos are not just cute and intelligent creatures, they are mighty rewarding too. If a neon glow appears around the flamingo card, it triggers the Keno Light Bonus. During this round, there are 28 symbols available on the screen. The player is prompted to choose 10 among them. This gambling machine itself draws some random symbols for the players and depending upon the combination, the gamblers can win a jackpot of up to 20,000 coins in the game. 

Being a low variance game, it has a low reward to risk ratio. Neon Jungle RTP has been listed as 95% by the developers. With jackpot rewards and bonus rounds, the game holds a decent chance of making the player a real winner as they play it with real money in an NZ online casinos.

How to Play Neon Jungle?

Setting bets in order is the first rule of the jungle. There are simple controls spread on the main screen using which the players can set their bet size. 

“Coins Icon” helps the players in altering their coin size in the range of a minimum of 0.2 to a maximum of 40. Once they have chosen their wager, the players can press the “Play” button to roll the reels. 

“Autoplay” allows the players to play up to 50 rounds without any break. At any point, the players can use the glowing information button to see the payout values, payline rules, and bonus conditions.

Winning in Neon Jungle

To win in this slot, the player needs to tumble the reels. The outcome is randomized based on the RNG algorithm; hence they only need the luck to be on their side. However, the players can maximize their returns as they play in an online casino by taking care of two important things.

  1. Enter the game only when the machine is running hot, and someone else is winning too. A well-timed entry can drastically increase the chances of winning big rewards in the slot.
  2. Avoid going big from round 1. This can result in a shock of losing all the money from the first round itself. Play it small in the beginning and gradually increase your wager as you start winning more than you have placed at stake.


Iron Dog Studios have created Neon Jungle online with beautiful gameplay, that can easily rank among the best popular slots. The demo version available on our website can be enjoyed by the player for free, and it needs no download. Playing the demo game, the punters can learn the rules and prepare themselves for real money games.