Queen of Hearts

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Introducing Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts pokie is a vibrant world filled with the magic of love. Help this beautiful damsel discover her true love, and by doing so, you can win some top-notch prizes. The Queen of Hearts slot contains everything you need to snag that loving feeling – all the while earning yourself some nice prizes with the help of valentine attributes. The Queen of Hearts pokies all have unique features to help bring together the romance. Enjoy this 5×3 reel slot to earn some prizes or find your perfect romantic getaway.

Slot Theme

As you may have already guessed, the Queen of Hearts slot machine is all about love and everything that revolves around it. You can expect to see hearts, flowers, all other items of different romantic variance. The background for the game is even set in a romantic medieval castle, where the lady in waiting is residing. It is this blonde beauty that is our main character as she is the one who sets forth to find her true love. The game itself is heavily based on a traditional casino game. The reels are spinning under golden columns and pink flower petals dancing around them to set the right mood.

Queen of Hearts Pokie Win

How Queen of Hearts Slot Game Works

Below you will see the paytable that represents what all the symbols give you when you land a successful combination. Each symbol in the Queen of Hearts online slot represents different romantic gifts, as well as the traditional aspects of modern online slots. Note that these will change in value depending on how many you land, from a minimum of two in a row to a max of five in a row.

Symbol Description Symbol Value 3 – 5 of a Kind
The basic paying symbols in the game are the different card numbers you can find from traditional online casinos. These are styled with a medieval getup to suit the theme of the game as well as styled with a loving image. 9, 10: 0.20 – 4.00

J: 0.20 – 5.00

Q: 0.40 – 6.00

K: 0.40 – 10.00

The higher paying symbols are the different types of gifts you can give to your beloved on valentine’s day. This can be from rings, to crown and whole castles. Of course, these are gifts more for a prince or princess than anything for normal people. Castle: 0.50 – 20.00

(can be landed with just two of a kind combination)

Ring: 0.50 – 20.00

Crown: 0.50 – 20.00

The highest paying symbols in the game are the things that represent love in its purest form – the golden flower about to bloom, and the simple heart that is red in its entirety. Flower: 0.20 – 120.00

Heart: 0.05 – 400.00

The minimum bet you can make depends on the number of paylines you are betting on and the coin value size. The bet can range from as small as 1.00 to 1,000.00, meaning you can make some big stakes into the game. These amounts can differ depending on which currency you are using. The NZ currency will be used for the New Zealand version. If you wish to play the Queen of Hearts online pokie automatically, you can make your bet beforehand and set how many spins you wish to continue without stopping.

Queen of Hearts Slot Paytable

How to Play the Game?

The aim of Queen of Hearts online is to spin the reels and aim to land combinations with matching symbols. The more of the same kind you have, the bigger the reward is. Players can aim to find smaller wins by landing the card numbers or aim for the bigger wins with the gifts. There are 10 paylines that the player must land these combinations on in order to score a win. Multiple wins can be scored on different paylines during the same spin. You can use the special bonus symbols to win yourself some more winnings. Other promotion offers from online casinos can also benefit you in different ways, as well.

The Features

Here are a few of the special features that you can take advantage of during your time with the Queen of Hearts game. Players will be able to use any feature if they land the correct icon that grants it.

  • First of all, if you wish to earn double of your winnings right away, the Gamble Feature is available to play at any time. If you can predict a card will be black or red when it turns, you will earn double of what you won.
  • The Hearts symbol is also the Wild of the game. The Wild allows it to be substituted with any other symbol, letting you fill in the gaps for possible combination and make them worth more then what they originally were.
  • Sometimes Cupid will come down and shoot any of the symbols on the reels at random. When he does, he can transform them into more Wilds, giving you more chances to win.
  • The Queen of Hearts is the Scatter. She is what grants you free spins if you land at least three of her kind. The more of her you land, the more free spins you gain. Up to 15 free spins can be gained from a combo of five, and the effect can be retriggered, meaning more spins on top of them.

Queen of Hearts RTP and Volatility

The Queen of Hearts RTP is calculated at around 95.31%. This RTP for real money play is the same as the Queen of Hearts free slot. It helps in setting expectations from the game and understanding the chances one has to win.

The Jackpot

The highest amount of money that you can win while playing is a grand total of 10,000,000.00. This can come from the extraordinary high bets you can make. To do so, it depends on how many free spins you can win and how many wins you can score on them. The Cupid feature can really help with this, as the heart is the highest payout you can receive when landing it. Land five of them in a row during all 15 free spins from the high Scatters, and it can lead to massive winnings beyond comparison.

What Should Beginners Know to Play It?

If you wish to play the demo to get some practice in, the Queen of Hearts demo can be found on the official site of Novomatic developer and any review site such as this one. The Queen of Hearts free pokie will let you spin as much as you like without any loss to your finances. They use free play tokens which are exactly the same as real money when used in the betting. Once you have gained enough experience, you can try it out for real.

Gameplay for Experienced Players

For those who are more experienced, the slot requires that you aim for the bonuses first in order to gain big winnings. The cupid can get you lucky, but it depends solely on the RNG mechanics. Aiming for the Scatter can get you free spins to work with first, for then you can make the most winnings in a single bet. Once you have free spins, always aim for the Wild. The more you have of it, the bigger chances you have of getting the biggest prizes possible.

Play on the Go with Mobile Version

Software provider, Novomatic, has worked with plenty of tech developers to ensure that their games can be played entirely on mobile devices. This includes smaller platforms such as smartphones and tablets. The upgraded quality has allowed games like this to be played with no downgrade in quality, and with little to no download speeds for faster gameplay. The site itself can be accessed from your mobile as well, as long as you have the correct software.


Queen of Hearts provides a heart-warming setting for players to get lost in. It gives you serene music, astonishing settings and a simple gameplay platform to give you a pleasant gambling experience. It is suitable for all types of players, giving you the best of what modern slot games offer with a few improvements here and there. You may even be swept up in the romance of it all and find enough money to purchase your own loving gifts for your significant other.

Queen of Hearts - FAQ

Is the Queen of Hearts a reference to anything?
Although you may have heard of the Queen of Hearts from a classic 52 deck of cards, the theme itself is all centred around summer romance films of different periods.
Where can I play the slot for free?
You can visit the official Novomatic site, which will have a free demo available to play. Visiting review sites like ours will also provide the demo as well.
Are there other versions available?
The slot currently has a sequel developed called, Queen of Hearts Deluxe, which is from the same studio.