100000 Pyramid

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Introducing the 100,000 Pyramid

The 100,000 Pyramid slot is the hottest new slot game to hit the New Zealand gambling scene. Based on the luxury of Egyptian architecture, experience a new game for those who wish to reach the peaks of glory and secure a prize that is worth more than 100,000. The 100,000 Pyramid pokie system lets players bet more money in a new and exciting way, granting you more chances of winning with every turn of the reel. Reach the pinnacle to become the master of the 100,000 Pyramid pokies. Just pray that you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Slot Theme

100000 Pyramid Slot Game ITGWhat you will notice first about the 100,000 Pyramid slot machines is that you instantly feel the true casino aesthetic. This is the plus side to having the game based on an old TV show that was hugely popular in America for a limited time. The way the lights come on and the pedestals take centre stage, and it almost feels like the whole slot has been gamified with this style. Even the temple itself is set up like a game show from the 1980s, providing a variance of colour and neon lights to showcase just how much of a nostalgic field trip this really is.

The Buttons of 100,000 Pyramid Online

Here are the many useful features of the 100,000 Pyramid game and its basic setup. First things you need to know is the paytable, which is listed below. These payouts are multiplied by the bet value.

Symbol Description The Payout for 5 of a Kind
Basic paying symbols are the various gameshow prizes you can win in a media format like it. Camera, TV: 150

Watch: 200

Holiday and Car: 250

The higher paying symbols are the bigger prizes. Contestants: 500

Celebrity Star and Gold Bars: 500

Mystery 7: 1,000

The jackpot prize of the game is the 100,000 Pyramid online mega prizes. Increased with a bonus feature, the winnings can be multiplied. The logo: 100,000

There is a total of 15 paylines available for you to spin the reels and place your bets on. The minimum bet can be set between 0.15 per spin to 450 per spin. You can set the amount of money you wish to bet using the change system below the reels. If you want to activate the autoplay feature, this will continuously spin the reels until you press the button again.

How to Play the 100,000 Pyramid Online Slot?

To play the game, players will be placing bets on a single spin and then proceeding to spin those reels. The bet you have placed will determine the outcome of the rewards you receive. Landing a combination requires you to land two, three or more of a kind in order to earn the reward. The higher value a symbol has, the better the reward will be. Some symbols activate bonus offers to promotion campaigns, so it’s important to keep an eye out for them as they can greatly benefit you. Feel free to change the bet anytime between reels except for when the auto bet is active.

Game Features

100000 Pyramid Slot Bonus GameHere is a rundown of the special bonuses you can receive when playing the 100,000 Pyramid online pokie.


The Wild icon is the game logo, which can substitute any other symbol in the game apart from the Scatter. Use this to gain more chances of winning when you can.


The Scatter is the Winner’s Circle. Land three or more of them to activate the free spins round and gain additional bonuses on top of it. The Winner’s Circle is how you can climb the pyramid and earn more multipliers based on which grid you are currently at. Climb to the top to activate the super-rich reels where more Wilds, multipliers and awards can be yours for the taking and appearing more than ever before. This way you can gain the biggest prize of 100,000.

The RTP and the Volatility

The 100,000 Pyramid RTP is calculated at around 95%. This can give big rewards to those who take risks since the game is of a medium to high volatility. A system like this can be adjusted very well for seasoned players but still takes on a form that makes it welcome for beginners. Currency can range from GBP, USD to the NZ amounts.

The Big Jackpot

The jackpot of the 100,000 Pyramid slot game is the logo itself, which can be worth up to 100,000. The key for it to be winning with the biggest slot payout is through the combination of bonuses. Only by reaching the pinnacle can the player hope to earn the max multiplier and apply it to the largest combination in the game. A five of a kind are worth over 100,000. There is a lot of work to get through to reach these requirements, but it makes it all worth it to take home that big prize.

Beginner’s Tips

If you wish to gain some practice with the game first, it is recommended trying the free play version beforehand. The 100,000 Pyramid demo uses tokens instead of actual real money, so you have no worries about this affecting your finances. Using the 10,000 Pyramid free slot can help you learn all the rules and tricks so that you can be better prepared for the real thing. Try to aim for the standard symbols first to get yourself some smaller winnings before tackling the Winner’s Circle system. However, there is no harm in trying to aim for the bonus game while playing the 100,000 Pyramid free pokie. Just be extra careful with real money bets.

Seasoned Gamer Tips

For all the professional gamblers out there, the Winner’s Circle is where you ought to be when trying to get that massive jackpot. There is a max of four levels you have to get through in the grid to keep increasing your multiplier. Instead of aiming for the top straight away, its best to fill up the grid slowly and take as many winnings as you can in-between just so you can come out with something before it may all come tumbling down. Pacing yourself is key, and having patience can be a tremendous virtue in the long game. So try not to rush in for the big reward from the get-go.

Mobile Version of 100,000 Pyramid

The mobile version of the game can be readily available to play. IGT, the provider of the slot, has developed impressive HTLM5 technology so that the slot will have no drop in quality from being played on a mobile device. You can play on the Android version, Apple version, tablets, smartphones and other platforms, with no download speed. Luckily the advancements made by IGT have helped the game become more accessible than ever before. With improved graphics and sound quality, even the desktop version will be running at full capacity with great accomplishments.


100,000 Pyramid captures the best part of being on a live TV game show. Instead of sitting down in the audience or being on the podium answering question, you now have the power to earn prizes your own way all from the comfort of your own living room. The style and glamour provide a background that makes you feel amazing every time you score a win. Even if the prizes shown from the symbols aren’t actually up for grabs, you can come from this believing that the money you earn in this slot can be used to buy these great gifts. All it takes is just a little hard work and effort in the Winner’s Circle bonus round, and you have your opening in the immense possibilities of being a 100,000 winner.

FAQ - The 100 000 Pyramid

Where can you find the slot online for free?
Players will be able to find the 100,000 Pyramid free slot from any reputable reviews site. You can also find the demo available directly from the IGT site.
What is the highest multiplier you can get?
The highest multiplier is gained from reaching the top of the grid, and it can apply a max of 32x to any wins during the free spins of that round.
Is the TV show it is based on real?
The show this slot is based on is just called, “Pyramid”. It was around during 1973 and was around for seven whole seasons until it ended in 1988. You can find another version of it even during the present time, which started back up again in 2016.
Who is the provider?
IGT, also known as International Gaming Technology, is a global games' provider that has worked for many years in producing some of the most technologically advanced gambling products for the online industry.