40 Super Hot

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Introducing 40 Super Hot

The 40 Super Hot slot is the hit new game created by the talented developers at upcoming software provider, EGT Interactive. This inventive new slot combines some of the most traditional aspects of casino games with the new modern designs of creative, online gambling products. The 40 Super Hot pokie introduces its own unique features by letting players collect tons of fruits for more and more winnings. You can find plenty of entertainment with the 40 Super Hot pokies, so come on down and enjoy yourself with up to 40 ways to have fun. From fruits to lucky 7’s to everything in between.

40 Super Hot Big Win

The Slot Theme

The 40 Super Hot slot machine is exactly what you would expect when it comes to designing classic casino games. From the background of the art style, everything is created perfectly to match up with the aesthetic of a real-life slot machine mixing it together with all the symbols that you can also find in these types of games. The added element to all of this is the fiery flames that light up the background of certain icons – adding to the excuse of it being called 40 Super Hot online. To give you that winning feeling, every time a combination is scored, you will find coins raining from the sky. Like when a win is landed in a real casino, there will be coins falling out of the compartment of the slot machine.

How 40 Super Hot Works

Below you will find a paytable for the 40 Super Hot online slot which will detail how much exactly each symbol is worth in the game. Depending on how much of the same symbol you land will determine how much the payout will be awarded. For example, scoring three of a kind is worth less than when scoring five of a kind. Payouts are different depending on which version of the slot you are playing, such as Canada, US or New Zealand.

Symbol description Symbol value (3x to 5x)
The lowest paying symbols are the variance of three fruits that you can find in basic slots. These are the most common and can be found regularly on the reels. Cherries, lemons, oranges: 50 – 500
The higher paying symbols are the rarer types of fruits which appear less commonly than the other types of fruits – blueberries, watermelons and blackberries. All three are incredibly delicious. Blackberries, watermelons: 100 – 1,000

Blueberries: 100 – 2,000

The highest paying symbols are the bigger icons of slot gaming. Playing with these wins you much bigger rewards than any other combination. Lucky red 7: 200 – 5,000

Scatter Star: 1,000 – 100,000

These results show what you can win with the 200x bet made available. The betting can be altered below the reels. You can choose among a 40, 80, 200, 400 and 800 bet value. The currency will differ when depositing with USD, GBP or NZ money. If you wish to set an automatic feature with the game, you can do so as well. Just set the bet you want to make and then select the auto play button to activate endless spinning until you select the button again.

40 Super Hot Slot Paytable

How to Play 40 Super Hot?

The 40 Super Hot online pokie works by spinning the reels on the machine and landing the correct symbols in a combination. The more of the same kind you land together, the bigger is the payout. You can score multiple winnings at the same time during a single spin by landing them on multiple paylines. Just like the name itself, there is a total of 40 paylines that you win on in this 5×4 grid. With the help of the bonus features, you can gain more chances of this happening and even earn bigger rewards on top of it.

The Game Features

There are plenty of features for you to make use of when you are playing the 40 Super Hot slot game. Here you can see for yourself that there are more things you can take advantage of in order to secure more prizes. You can also make the use of special promotion offers from casinos that can add similar benefits on top of them.

  • The Lucky Red 7 of the game is the Wild. This will act as a substitute for all other symbols and allows the player to fill in gaps for possible combinations granting you more chances of winning with every 7 that comes your way.
  • The Star is the Scatter icon. This will give you access to a special prize as well as creating more chances of higher paying symbols to appear. This includes the flaming ones where fire erupts behind them.
  • There is also a Gamble Feature, which lets you double a prize you have obtained through winning. If you can guess correctly which colour the next card will be in the deck, your prize will be doubled. You can guess either red or black.

40 Super Hot RTP and Volatility

The 40 Super Hot RTP is calculated at around 95.81%. This will be true for both the real money deposit version and the 40 Super Hot free slot. The RTP is slightly below the market average. The higher percentage, the better your chances of winning will be. This calculation will be determined by the supervising, licencing companies that work with EGT Interactive to assure complete fairness in their games. This also details the security of their game and volatility.

The Jackpot and Winning Potential

The best way to win the jackpot of the 40 Super Hot game is to land the Scatters. Landing all five of them in a row will make your worth be around 100,000. When betting with the maximum bet, this can be a total of 1200000. Double that with the gamble feature, and you can have a chance of winning an astounding sum. Even if you don’t end up landing all five Scatters, landing just three of them will award you with a big win. As well as chances of winning bigger rewards with the increased chance of the fiery symbols.

40 Super Hot for Beginners

If you wish to get some practice with the slot first before playing, you can start with the demo. The 40 Super Hot demo can be used to learn the rules of the game without having to risk any of your real money in the process. The 40 Super Hot free pokie utilises free play tokens that work exactly the same way as you would depositing real money into bets for the game. Once you got your practice, you can try landing some of the more common fruits to accumulate winnings slowly and develop your skills at a pace that suits you.

Does It Suit Veteran Players?

For the more experienced player, you can do your best to aim for the bigger symbols as these themselves lead to the bigger rewards naturally. The lucky red 7 has all the effect of granting opportunities because it fills in the gaps. You can gain a big win in the process doing so. The Scatter can achieve more bigger winnings afterwards, even if you don’t score the huge jackpot. It’s all about building up these chances more and more until eventually you are left with huge winnings all around.

40 Super Hot for Mobile Users

The 40 Super Hot game has plenty of usage from almost any device that you can think of. Thanks to the developments of EGT, their software can be completely playable from any portable devices, including smartphones and tablets. Even with the mobile version, players can enjoy fast gameplay and improved graphics thanks to the mobile version without sacrificing quality and equipped with little to no download speeds. The best part is that you can enjoy the game from anywhere you want, whenever you want, so long as you register for the mobile version of the casino.


If you enjoy classic gaming, then this is the slot game for you. Players will be able to combine their love of the old school with all the excellent modern features. In just a few short hours, you can develop a master of the game with its simplistic rules, easy-to-learn patterns and fast volatility with its symbols – all in the efforts to win you plenty of prizes in the process.

40 Super Hot - FAQ

Are there other games like it?
40 Super Hot is actually a sequel to another previous title by EGT named 20 Super Hot. The difference being is that this one has more paylines.
Where can I play the slot for free?
You can find the demo available from the official EGT site or from any review site like this one where you can download it with no extra cost and completely free.
Are there any other bonuses?
Apart from the Wild system, the Scatter does not reward any free spins or the like.