7 Sins

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Introducing 7 Sins Pokie

The 7 Sins slot aims to tempt you into all kinds of dangerous decisions, involving seven young maidens and their power over the seven deadly sins. The game is all about bringing these fine women together as they help you shed your mortal form and enter a world of magical possibilities. Here you can find treasures and features that come in all different forms within the 7 Sins pokies by Play’n Go, granting your every desire at just a few spins of the reels. Explore the realm of seduction and take a new step into pure bliss and pleasure. No one will judge you for it.

The Theme of 7 Sins Slot Machine

The theme of the slot is explanatory in itself. The game will be based around seven women who all encompass human’s deadliest sins of desiring variance. There is gluttony, the sin of want, pride, the sin of arrogance, lust, the sin of seduction, sloth, the sin of the unmotivated, wrath, the sin of anger, envy, the sin of jealousy, and, finally, there is greed, the sin of material gain. All these girls design themselves around the seven deadly sins, showing different sides of the human heart. The background setup and smoky purple aura all show off a tempting world full of mischief. The mischief that you can get up to while playing.

7 sins slot game

How Does 7 Sins Online Slot Work?

Below you will find a multitude of symbols and how much each of them is worth. The amount the player is awarded depends entirely on how many of a kind you land. For example, this game can award winnings of three of a kind to a max seven of a kind. Depending on which localisation you play, will the amount be susceptible to change, such as the Canadian or New Zealand version. Note that these payouts will be shown with the average bet of 2 made:

Symbol Description Symbol Value
The lowest paying symbols are the card suits, the four suits that you can find in any traditional casino and in a classic 52 decks – each one laced with red and black. Red diamond: 0.20 – 40.00

Black Club: 0.20 – 50.00

Red Heart: 0.20 – 60.00

Black Spade: 0.20 – 70.00

The higher paying symbols are the 7 divine ladies themselves. These powerful, gorgeous women have their own set of surprises hidden underneath their facades. And each of them is worth different things. Vanity: 0.50 – 200.00

Sloth: 0.60 – 250.00

Envy: 0.80 – 300.00

Gluttony: 0.80 – 350.00

Wrath: 1.00 – 400.00

Lust: 1.20 – 450.00

Greed: 1.40 – 500.00

The minimum bet that can be placed into the game is 0.10. The maximum bet that you can make is a total of 100.00. These bets can be adjusted accordingly with the setting located below the reels. The 7 Sins online pokie uses different currencies. This can be GBP, USD or NZ. 7 Sins online also adds in an autoplay feature which can be used to set predetermined bets and spin them automatically. If you wish to cancel the option while is it doing so, feel free to press the button once more.

7 Sins Pokie Paytable

How to Play 7 Sins Slot Game?

The aim of the slot is to spin the reels a set number of times and land symbols so that you can win combinations. These combinations reward you with different prizes depending on which icon is used and exactly how many of them have been landed in a row. You can score multiple winnings at the same time by landing them on multiple paylines during a single spin. There is a total of 243 paylines, so this allows plenty of combinations. Use the bonus features to award yourself extra chances of winning and different gameplay benefits. The promotion offers from casinos can also offer the very same benefits beforehand.

The 7 Sins Game Features

There is plenty of different features that you can find here. Many of them mainly come from the seven maidens themselves. Another feature is available that can keep things interesting, but most of the bonus boons are granted from ladies. Below is a list of all the available bonuses from each one of them.

  • The Wild of the game is the Lucky number 7. This can substitute for any other symbol in the game and help fill in gaps for possible combinations. It doesn’t award its own payout, but another of its kind can make it bigger.
  • The Double 7 Wild works the same as the regular Wild. Only this time it can double any winnings you receive if you land it in a combination.
  • The Scatter is Pandora’s Box. An ancient artefact that can award you free spins if you are able to land at least three of a kind. Even if you land only two, this is enough to activate the second feature.
  • The seven maidens take centre stage for every free spin you gain. Depending on which one is chosen will determine which type of bonus you get. A unique multiplier or more free spins could be yours for the taking. Combine them together to get more bonuses all in one.

7 Sins RTP and Volatility

The RTP is calculated at around 96%. This is true both for the original deposit version and the 7 Sins demo version as well. The Volatility is also set to high, meaning it can be pretty seldom you can run into the game’s bonuses and prizes, but when you do, they are much higher compared to low volatility titles. Both the RTP and volatility are supervised by Play’n GO’s official licences.

The Jackpot of 7 Sins

The Jackpot of the game is through a combination of doubling the wins received from double lucky 7 and the highest symbol in the game, the maiden of Greed. With the max bet, a total of 50,000 can be won. Double that, and you can receive up to 100,000 as the grand prize to take home. This is not to mention the number of multipliers you can receive from the seven maidens. The possibilities of winning big are endless, and it all starts with these bonus winnings.

Is It Suitable for Beginners?

The demo version can be played directly on the Play’n GO official site or on any review site such as this one. The purpose behind the 7 Sins free pokie is so players can gain some practice first before playing for the real thing. Learn about all the bonuses that are on offer and see for yourself if you can gain the correct combinations. The free play tokens allow no risk to your direct finances. Once you have done playing the practices, start aiming for the card suits in the beginning, as these have the easiest wins to obtain.

Will It Be Interesting for Seasoned Players?

Playing the game from an experienced perspective can do wonders for obtaining bonuses. This game fully relies on your combinational skills so that you can combine both the double Wilds and maiden multipliers to receive the biggest winnings made possible. As long as you receive a maiden’s power, that is all you need to get a larger prize. Be careful with your choice, as some can benefit you only in certain situations.

7 Sins for Mobile Users

Players will be able to sit back and enjoy playing 7 Sins for their mobile devices. Thanks to the substantial network of provider, Play’n GO, and their incredible line up of technological advancements, almost all of their games are developed with casino software to support different platforms. Smartphones, tablets and other smaller device can play the game with little to no download speed and superior graphical quality, without having to sacrifice anything in return. As long as your phone can support it, the phone can run it with no problem.


7 Sins owes a lot to its style and grace. It is presented beautifully with all kinds of different techniques used to show off the three amazing women that make up the game’s biggest bonuses. Everything pops out at you like a historical set piece, or from a page out of a storybook. It all adds to the charm of the game’s reels, revealing a seductive animation for every win you receive. It’s enough to drive any player wild as they hope to score the Wilds themselves. Look forward to hours of fun with a pleasant company both in a real-money and practice mode.

7 Sins - FAQ

Where can I play it for free?
You can find the 7 Sins free slot version on the official Play’n GO website. You can also find a demo available from any online review site that holds it with no extra costs.
What browser is needed to play?
You can run the game on Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox Explorer Edge.
What are the 7 Sins based on?
The slot is based on the seven deadly sins. Each one is representing a different aspect of mankind that will lead you to hell. All the maidens are named after each of them.