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Alchymedes slot is about the temporary madness of a scientist. There are a lot of casinos online that adapt the same theme. Some of these casinos have worked well to bring jackpots and a bonus while others fail to do so. Is Alchymedes a winner or could it use a little more help? If you are the individual who wants to have some fun and go for it, read on this review to find out if this one release is a good fit for you.

The Power of Alchemy

The Crazy Scientific Aspects

Play Alchymedes for real money and the gamer would find a certain level of fun that cannot get compared with anything else. If you are the type who loves to pat yourself in the back and you want to be sure that you will enjoy life as it is and play casinos online when you can, then the following features may direct you towards excitement.

  •     Theme – the theme is about a mad scientist and the environment that he get. There are so much love and happiness that an individual would want to experience that can make them happy. The good thing is that whoever wants to make himself happy can do so with a release like this one. The theme gets based on the world’s number one mathematician, and that is Archimedes. Archimedes knows how to make things better and how to keep things up with the fun and excitement.
  •     Graphics – the graphics of the release is all amazing. There is just so much effort that has been placed and put in order by the manufacturer that one cannot help but get the right kind of joy once the screen comes alive.
  •     Sound effects – the audio feels like magic. It takes the player into a different kind of excitement, and the diversion becomes more than a distraction but a strategy to keep the player happy.

Overall, the combination of the three main aspects is perfect to make any gamer happy. There is no sense in looking for another kind of online pastime because this one is already a magical creation.

The Experimental Features

Alchymedes game has useful features, and they are the following:

  •     The software developer is Yggdrasil Gaming. Yggdrasil Gaming is a good source of fun as a manufacturer and makes every individual player who has accessed it happy.
  •     It is a video slots kind of release. There is a background story, and the video comes with graphics and animation that is amazing.
  •     It has some 30 pay lines.
  •     It has five reels.
  •     It has a minimum coins size of 0.01.
  •     It has a maximum coins size of 2.
  •     The jackpot is 500.
  •     The RTP is 96.1%. This RTP is decent compared to those where the bettor has no idea of the RTP.

A Great Gameplay

The Alchymedes free version, just like the full version, has divine gameplay. It is straightforward and is much like the other releases that one would see. The best part, however, is that it goes beyond the exciting fun of life.

With that, the following gameplay shows the effort that should come from the player:

  •     It has a coin value button. This plus and minus sign would set the coins size and make sure that the player has complete control of the elements of the wager.
  •     A Max Bet button is also accessible because it sets the maximum bet allowed and begins the play at the highest possible wager.
  •     A spin button sets the reels in motion.
  •     An automatic play button allows the gamer to set the reels to spin automatically without interruption for a specific number of times.

An Amazing Win

Play Alchymedes slot machine online, and the player should aim to get the following wins as part of their goals.

  •     Jars made up of purple, green, orange, or blue are all worth a thousand credits.
  •     The four traditional symbols also add to the total payout.
  •     There is a multiplier that can reach up to a hundred times.
  •     There is also a random feature bonus where the gamer would get up to a maximum of two thousand coins.

Creative Science

Alchymedes casino slot online is a step in the right direction. Individuals would have the best experience and always make sure that they would enjoy the casinos online that they see. Every player would have the chance to become a scientist and know why they eventually lose their touch with reality. Alchymedes may seem over the top, but it is what a person would need if he wants to get more out of his life and more out of living. For the kind of player who wants to go beyond what he wants, he should go for the fun that only this one can offer. It is so much more than what one would expect.