Bai She Zhuan Slot

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The Bai She Zhuan casino slot online game is a video slot provided by Pariplay based on a classical Chinese tale where the main characters of the game are frozen in stones. The story goes in the Ming Dynasty Era where Xu Xian, a young boy, accidentally throws immortality pills to a lake where white snake lives. White snake took the immortality pill before a turtle and years later the white snake succeeded to transform herself into a human form and called herself Bai Suzhen. Later on, she meets Xu Xian, and they fall in love and get married. After many years the Turtle was jealous of Bai Suzhen, so he transforms himself to a Buddhist Monk and called himself Fa Hai, and he’s looking to get revenge from Bai Suzhen.

Pair play is a relatively fair play supporter with RTP that goes up to 94% to 96% which is a little bit above the game industry average RTP.

The Secret Behind the Frozen Stones

In The Bai She Zhuan slot machine you join Bai Suzhen against the jealous Buddhist Monk, Fa Hai, in an epic battle. Your goal is to help Bai Suzhen win in an amazing 5 reel and 25 payline slot game by getting a winning combination of terrapin or snake symbols. If you did so, it’s probably your lucky day as you’ll be introduced to some big wins that include free spins and mystery boxes that get you instant cash.

Bai She Zhuan game will make you a witness of an eternal battle with a piece of concrete that prisons the two legendary characters of the game.

Bai Suzhen Vs Fa Hai.

The game doesn’t have many complicated rules, and it doesn’t have any available cheats as well. As mentioned above, the Bai She Zhuan free game is featuring five three-row reels along with 25 fixed pay lines, such a fair number of winning combinations.

Every spin you play would have a minimum bet of $0.25 and up to a maximum bet of $12.5. Which means you can play Bai She Zhuan for real money and still enjoy the game’s storyline without spending loads of money.

The game introduces the following higher-value symbols:

  •        Wild snake

This symbol will earn you 5,000 coins at most if you got the maximum combination of it that is beside the substituting ability it has as a wild symbol.

  •      Wild turtle

This doesn’t make a big difference compared to the wild snake, still could replace any symbol as well as earning you 5,000 coins at the best cases.

Both of the above symbols can make you even luckier by sticking around for one more spin as well as repeating themselves in the positions next to them.

  •         The Snake’s Eye and Free Spins cards

They are not as known paid, and they are considered part of triggering features in the game.

Lower Value Symbols:

–       There’s a golden chance of winning a payout of 1,600 coins at a glance once you have a combination of 5 icons of Xu Xiang or Fa Hai which represents the blue and red teams.

–       Earn up to 300 coins when you collect a depiction of a small pagoda from the blue team or even if you got a big temple for the red team.

–       Also, earn up to 200 coins when you get snakes or crabs for both of the blue or red teams.

–       Get as well a fine win of 100 coins when you get an embroidered silk umbrella or a soup bowl.

–       And finally, you could also get a small payment of 30 to 50 coins for getting the card icons.

How to Win Against the Monk, Fa Hai.

The auto-play strategy is never getting old here; Bai She Zhuang is, of course, featuring it with a maximum of 50 spins. It also is featuring an accurately customizable setting that makes it very flexible, and it makes you decide the number of spins as well as the maximum win or maximum loss to stop it.

Each character could win the epic battle the game revolves around, and this triggers some features and bonuses. If the characters or the symbols that stand for them are attendant on the grid, it might be your lucky day.

If Bai Suzhen wins the battle and break through the prisoning concrete or if at least three free spins icons got attendant in the playing grid, this immediately gets you ten free spins at most. And this can happen up to 20 times during a round.

And in case Fa Hai got free or at least three Snake’s Eye symbols appeared on the grid, you’ll be traveling to a room that has a pyramid full of treasure boxes. You’ll continuously be able to win bonus cash until you find an empty box, that’s when your journey stops.

You’d also be able to hit the 5000 coins jackpot using these bonuses.

Bai She Zhuan Review

Play Bai She Zhuan slot machine online game and enter a whole different era of the Chinese history and even engage within it. This game is not offering a very high pay as well as not a high cost of playing at all. Any player can even start with few cents. It’s playable across desktops, tablet devices, and mobile phones.