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Introducing the Power of Ra

Blaze of Ra slot is a new game developed by the upcoming software provider, Push Gaming. In this brand-new game, the player will be harnessing the power of the sun god and acquiring bonus winnings through his divine blessings. Only through hard work and peerless worship does the Blaze of Ra slot machine grant you access to many of its unique abilities to score you big prizes in glorious fashion. There has never been a more epic and grander spectacle, then this slot game right here.

Blaze of Ra slots will be available from all operators within Push Gaming’s network. Each game will be adapted with the best technology the provider has to offer, with some new free play features as well. You can find the demo play version in New Zealand, Canada, Europe and other countries that Push Gaming has a presence in. The slot game will be set with high-definition background, where the special Ra will feature new animations with every bonus achieved. This specialised 5×5 grid allows numerous ways to win and more ways to enjoy yourself while playing. Everything isn’t as it seems, so play Blaze of Ra for free yourself to see the raw power with your own eyes and check RTP.

The Blaze of Ra Description

Egyptian mythology has always been a fascinating theme for many online casino games. Playing against the gods themselves or exploring forgotten temples provide loads of adventure for players to get lost in. Push Gaming centres this next game around one of the most famous gods of the Pantheon. Ra is commonly known as the Egyptian deity of the sun. In common artwork and depictions, he is known as a man with a sun staff, and a bird for his head. What you find in this game is the power of the sun itself, granting you winning opportunities. Ra will be hoping to test your resolve by delivering challenges of different variance.

Various artefacts from the land as well as the assistance of other gods who work under him will be offering their own rewards. As the player, you must explore every corner of Ra’s world and see which of these extraordinary powers will give you the best chance of winning his tests, from beetles to flowers and the Bastet statues. All these items can bring in the best results of Blaze of Ra online.

blaze of ra slot review

The Bonus Powers of Ra

Blaze of Ra online slot has many ways to win. Through the power of bonuses and special promotion campaigns, you can utilise whatever abilities Ra bestows upon you to find the biggest treasures of them all. Here are a few ways to beat him:

  • The Wild of the game is Ra himself. Landing him will substitute any other symbol in the game for more chances of winning.
  • If you land two or more Wilds next to each other, these transform into nudging Wilds, this means that the Wilds will stay on the reels and will move down on the reels with every spin. More Wilds can take their place until the entire reels are filled with Wilds, giving you many possible combinations to land.
  • The Scarabs of the game are the Scatter symbols. Land three or more of these anywhere on the reels (meaning they don’t need to be in a row) and you will win free spins. Each Scarab will reveal how many free spins you have won yourself.
  • During these free spins, you will have the chance of landing Wild Blaze symbols. These fill up the entire reel with the whole picture of the god of Ra.

Blaze of Ra’s Paytable

Here is a collection of symbols you can win in the game that offers payouts. Here you can see which of these symbols are worth the most money, from the most common to the rarer treasures. These are all payouts made with the highest possible bet.

Symbols and Their Description Payouts for 3-5 of a Kind
The lowest paying symbols in the game are the traditional card numbers found in most casinos online. These come in four letters of the 52 deck, including J, Q, K and A. J and Q: 10.00 – 100.00

K and A: 10.00 – 125.00

The second-highest tier of symbols is the various items and artefacts that belong to Ra. These are shown as lotus flowers, Horus Eye, special Ankhs and sickles. Flower: 25.00 – 200.00

Horus Eye: 50.00 – 500.00

Sickle: 75.00 – 750.00

Ankh: 75.00 – 1,000.00

The highest paying symbols are the gods themselves. As well as the Wild Ra, there is also Anubis, the god of the underworld, and Bastet, goddess of fertility and womanhood. Anubis: 100.00 – 1,500.00

Bastet: 150.00 – 2,000.00

Wild Ra: 250.00 – 5,000.00

The currency of how much you win and what kind will vary on the location you are playing the game in. If you are playing in New Zealand, you will be rewarded with the NZ currency. For Europe, it can be EUR or GBP for the UK.

blaze of ra slot paytable

Tip to Defeat Ra

In the Blaze of Ra slot game, players will need to take advantage of all the bonuses available in order to score big winnings. It’s all about chaining together the different stages of the game by hitting the correct symbols for each round. Since the game is a 5×5 grid, there is already plenty of paylines for you to win money from. All it takes to win more is to get the ball rolling and begin the chain reaction. For starters, aim for the Wilds first as these will turn into nudging Wilds if you land two or more together. Once this has happened, you can enjoy a relaxing winning streak that is almost guaranteed as more Wilds fall into your lap.

For bigger wins, the Scatter and the Blaze Ra’s are where you must be aiming. The number of free spins you receive is random since they are only revealed by the Scarabs when you land them. However, just a few free spins are enough for you to get the chance of landing Blaze Ra’s, which take up the entire reels. What makes this opportunity better is that you can activate more free spins during themselves. This gives you even more chances to land the Blaze Ra. Keep activating more and more free spins for the wins to become almost endless.

Play Blaze of Ra for Real Money

The Blaze of Ra demo is another viable option for those that want a bit of practice before participating in the real thing. You find this demo, readily available with little to no download speed, from the official Push Gaming site. Simply select it from the game selection screen, and you will be directed towards the free play version for you to play to your heart’s content.

If you wish to play the game for real money, players must first find a ready casino which has the game available, thanks to the partnership from Push Gaming. Once you have registered with an account on the site, you can then select the payment method provided by the operator. Once selected, you can now then freely deposit money into the game for you to win money for real. Select how much you wish to bet through the game’s various coin modifier.

The Provider for Blaze of Ra Game

Push Gaming is all about giving the next step in gaming evolution that extra push. They pride themselves as being a “players first” provider, which focuses on putting the player at the forefront of their gaming creation. They design games that are best suited for the player, with easy mechanics to learn and convenient functions for better gaming quality. This includes developing their mobile gaming so that players can enjoy these games from any time and any place. Providing high-quality entertainment is what they most enjoy doing, creating worlds for players to get themselves lost in whilst winning great prizes along with it.

The Pros and Cons of Blaze of Ra

Here is a compiled list of different aspects of the game. These can be to your liking or may steer you clear, depending on your preferences.


  • A unique grid game with combining bonuses to help the player win more than ever.
  • Simple gameplay features that the player can easily learn and master. Making it a fun game for all players to enjoy no matter what the skillset is.


  • More bonuses could be made available so the player is limited in what they can do at first.

Verdict for Blaze of Ra

Blaze of Ra free slot can be a great way of practising combinations while the real deal can give you plenty to win even while starting. The gameplay is fluid, bright and full of as much life as the sun god himself. Chain as many wins together as possible to be in the god’s favour for many years to come.

Blaze of Ra Slot FAQ

What Is the RTP of the Game?
Blaze of Ra RTP is calculated at around 96.4%.
Exactly How Many Paylines Are There?
There is a total of up to 40 paylines for the player to win money on.
Where Can You Land the Blaze Ra Symbols during Free Spins?
The Blaze Ra symbol can only be landed on reels 1, 3 and 5.