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Some beasties look frightening but not the ones that lurk in the Chibeasties forest. The beasties of this casino look friendly and nothing is menacing about them. Play Chibeasties slot machine online; magic hangs in the air of its forest.

Some of this magic may rub off on you, and it could turn out to be one more of your lucky days. Read this game review below; it has everything you need to know to wager, spin and get numerous chances to score wins at casinos online.

Overview of the Chibeasties

Basics of the Slot

Play Chibeasties slot online; it has all and every element that contributes to giving you a fun and intriguing game playing experience. Some of the intrigues come from the characters of this game.

This online casino is strange, and the vegetation that grows in their forest is no different. Although you don’t need to figure out if the land on earth from outer space. Play Chibeasties slot for real money, landing the signs of this slot and the vegetation can be profitable as they can win you money.

Amazing Features

  •         Theme – The theme of the game revolves around the beasties and their forest. Little is known about where they came from. There are 4 different Chibeasties. There’s some exotic vegetation that grows in the forest. You get to look for the vegetation and when you find what you are looking for you can get rewarded with free spins and money.
  •         Reel and pay line – This online casino has 20 set pay lines. A player has to bet on each of the pay lines before a spin.
  •         Bet values – The coins are valued at 0.01 to 2.00. You can choose you to bet amount at the start of each game. You then place the bet on the pay lines of your choice and hit the spin button. The signs that are drawn after a spin determine a win. The winning combination is required to get your rewards.
  •         Max and min bets – There are a minimum and maximum bet requirement also determined by the game rules. The minimum bet represents the min amount to be placed per pay line for a spin. The max bet is the upper limit per line per spin.
  •         Winning Combinations- The winning combinations land on the reels after you spin. To get a reward, the symbols have to land in matching symbol combinations in a particular sequence. The game rules determine the sequence and the rewards linked to the symbols of the slot. The probability of wins in reflected in the RTP.

A Superb Experience

This amazing online casino is entertaining more so as it looks friendly and the water lilies and root vegetation that grows in the forest has fun and exotic appeal. Its

symbols are linked to various prizes and rewards.

The vegetation symbols are also linked to different prizes and payouts. Created by Yggdrasil Gaming, this game has numerous elements that are fun and can win you money when you play Chibeasties slot for real money.

  • Gameplay- Complex games require you to keep your eye on the game and focus. This game gave you more fun and laid back gaming experience. You don’t need any great strategy, cheats or tips to get the hang of the rules. Land any winning combination and grab the wins and rewards.
  • Bonus RoundFree spins are awarded when the bonus is triggered when you land the symbols, and you get the opportunity to experience playing. The wins of Chibeasties slot for free. Anything from drawing 3 to 5 symbols can activate the bonus.
  • Free Spins- There are many free spins on offer in this online casino. You need to draw the symbols that trigger this bonus. 3 matching symbols can get you 10 free spins. Draw 4 of the matching symbols, and you can get 20 free spins. 5 of the same kind symbols can win you 40 free spins.

The Whole Wins

The wins of this slot can be 80 coins when you land 3 to 5 of the required symbols in the sequence that gets you the win. The signs of this casino are ones to keep an eye Yggdrasil Gaming on.

This game can win you 200 coins when you draw matching symbols in the required sequence. The blue Chibeasties in this casino can win you 300 coins when you land 3 to 5 of these on the reels.

The purple Chibeasties can win you 400 coins. The brown Chi beasties symbol is the most lucrative of them all as it can get you 750 coins.

What’s the Next

Chibeasties slot in an entertaining slot to play both for the visuals and for the wins that wait and up for grabs. This amazing has cute appeal, and the vegetation that grows in the forest they live in is a lush and exotic place to be in.

When any of these symbols show up on the reels and complete a winning combination, you get to win, and the fun makes it worth your while to spend more time with this game.


Chibeasties slot is an adventure that takes you into the depths of a forest.  As you bet, spin, you get awesome chances to win money.