Cleopatra 2

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Introducing Cleopatra 2

The Cleopatra 2 slot is the highly anticipated sequel brought to you by the technologically advanced software provider, IGT. Play the sexy, new game and become a new subordinate of the most powerful ruler of beloved Egypt. Experience new thrills from exciting new features introduced into the Cleopatra 2 pokie. Create exciting, winning opportunities thanks to the latest in promotion scenarios and exclusive bonus deals. The world of Egypt is yours for the taking, and all the effort you need to put into is spinning those reels. Explore a whole other world under the watchful eye of the most famous ruler in history, with the Cleopatra 2 pokies.

Slot Theme

The first exciting thing you will notice about the new Cleopatra 2 slot machine is the updated graphics. Everything about the slick designs shows that the game as a whole is what has certainly improved from updated features to ground-breaking animations. The artwork itself used to picture all the symbols is truly astonishing, replicating an ancient temple that is fit for a divine ruler. Every corner is laced with gold and jewels of different variance, showing the power and luxury that the queen herself was accustomed to during her rule. One feature, in particular, will leave you breathless as you head for those big winnings in the slot.

The Functions of Cleopatra 2 Game

For your convenience, here is a put-together list of what all the symbols in this game are worth to the player once they are scored in combination. Note that the currency of the slot will differ depending on which country you are in. If the game is released in New Zealand, for example, then it will show up in NZ currency. The table below reveals information that is made with the minimum bets you can deposit with.

Symbols and Their Description Payouts for 3-5 Symbols of a Kind
The basic paying symbols are the traditional card numbers found in most casino games online. They are laced together with a regal font, suitable for the queen. 10, J, Q: 5 – 100

K, A: 10 – 125

The higher paying symbols are the items that belong to Cleopatra’s treasury. This will be the statue heads of the two gods, Bastet and Horus. Bastet, Horus: 25 – 500
The highest paying symbols in the game are the powerful god-like artefacts that are hidden deep within the treasury of the queen – her headpiece for her future grave and the statue of Anubis, god of death. Anubis statue: 25 – 500

Cleopatra logo: 10 – 10,000

If you wish to place bets and continue spinning without reselecting, the game comes with an autoplay feature that lets you set continuous spins for you. Simply set the bet that you wish to make and then proceed to press the button. The spins will stop when the limit has been reached, or you select the button yet again. Betting itself can range between 0.01 all the way to 2.0. You can bet on all five reels bringing the total highest bet to 10.00.

How to Play Cleopatra 2?

To play the Cleopatra 2 online slot, you must be able to spin the reels and then land a consecutive combination of symbols in order to win a prize. The amount you win and the total number of them will be determined by the combinations that you land. Above you saw what each of them were worth, so land the correct ones and you can win big. There are several features in the game that can be used to make sure you win more often. Simply pay attention to the game’s rulebook and see what kind of special symbols can be landed to score bigger rewards. You can change how much you wish to bet on a spin by adjusting the bet indicator located below the reels.

The Features of Cleopatra 2

Cleopatra 2 online has many useful gameplay bonuses for you take advantage of to give you the edge in spinning. Many of them come in the form of bonus symbols, which, when landed, can activate a special boon to your efforts. Below is the compiled list of benefits for you to start grabbing.


The Cleopatra 2 symbol is the Wild of the game. This can substitute any other symbol and can fill in gaps for possible combinations. Use this to earn more chances of winning a high scoring combo. This will also double the payout of your score when landed.


The Anubis Sphynx is the Scatter. When you land three or more of these symbols, this can trigger up to 15 free spins for you to start using right away. Any win that you receive during these spins will be given a 3x multiplier added onto it. The more you land the Sphinx’s, the more free spins you can have with a bigger multiplier added on top. Thus, 10 – 20 free spins will be given a massive 200x multiplier, meaning incredible winnings can be up for grabs.

Free Spins

The free spins won’t be given away freely, however. Once the Sphinx has been opened, the player must choose the correct box that will reveal how many free spins they get, which also determines the multiplier they receive.

The RTP and Volatility

Cleopatra 2 RTP is calculated at around 95.13%. The number of paylines you can win on will be a total of 20, meaning there are quite a few chances for you to win a combination on if you’re careful. The RTP gives a fair chance of winning. IGT software provider has worked hard to prove the fairness of this game thanks to the help of their trusted supervisors and licences.

The Jackpot to Win

The jackpot of the game comes directly from the Wild. The Cleopatra 2 online pokie sets up the slot so that you can try and aim for the biggest prize first. But this isn’t enough. The Wild normally doubles the score you have in the first place, meaning that landing all five can give you a big reward. However, if you apply this to the big multipliers, you can gain during the free spin rounds, this will increase exponentially. The biggest prize you can win will come from combining the full Wild combination with the highest bonus multiplier, rewarding a grand total of 200,000.

Beginners Tips

If you wish to start up the free play version of the game instead, this can be found available on the IGT site. The Cleopatra 2 demo version will let you play the game without using any real money. This demo lets you learn all the rules and figure how the slot works before playing it for real. Once you’re done playing the Cleopatra 2 free pokie, you can then start by earning smaller prizes first for more successful wins. Note that the Cleopatra 2 free slot version will also have little to no download time, meaning faster gameplay.

Veteran Tips

For the more experienced gamer, try your best to earn the free spins as much as you can. What’s great about the bonus spins is that they can be retriggered again and again, as long as you keep landing more Scatters. This will be the only way for you to keep earning more boxes for you to select. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut strategy of figuring out which box to pick, as the boxes are all randomised. But the more you select, the fewer options you have. Keep trying, and you can hit the max multiplier eventually. The largest reward requires the strongest patience.

Mobile Cleopatra 2

The mobile version of the Cleopatra 2 slot game is readily available for any platform, thanks to the technological advancements of IGT. Their impressive improvements have helped the game become more accessible, being optimised for any Android or Apple device. Smartphones and tablets are just a few examples of where you can play this slot with no drop in quality.

The Conclusion

Cleopatra 2 has some of the most improved gameplay mechanics compared to its predecessor that you will ever see. The inclusion of the box system will allow players to have more fun with RNG systems, letting the fate of the gods choose their winnings for this game. All they must do to win even more is to keep trying.

Cleopatra 2 - FAQ

When did the first Cleopatra slot come out?
The first game came out in 2005, marking the beginning of IGT’s progression into the industry.
What is the maximum bet you can make?
The max bet can be made with a total of five coins, and the coin value increased to 2.0, meaning it adds up to 10.
What do the statues depict in the symbols?
The three symbols are the three popular gods of Egyptian mythology. Baste, Horus and Anubis.