Crown of Egypt

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The Crown of Egypt slot is a brand-new gambling product brought to you by the successful software provider IGT. The aim of this game is to become the supreme ruler of all of Egypt, by winning in the Crown of Egypt pokie. Here, all is laid bare before you – an entire Egyptian kingdom all yours for the taking. The Crown of Egypt pokies don’t go easy on newcomers. Make sure you are ready to take on the trails of Egypt front and centre, as many prizes can be yours if you beat the obstacles laid before you.

What to Expect from Crown of Egypt Slot Machine?

This 5×4 video slot determines the winner through a series of trails presented to you by the ancient rulers themselves. The game showcases all of these rulers with their own symbols and architecture that surrounds their portraits. Accompanying them are the Gods of Egypt as well, who grant powers to those who seek it. The area in which you are set in is also designed around the ruling elegance of high-class power and sophisticated luxury – designed for an Egyptian ruler that you yourself can gain the power to become.

Crown of Egypt Free Slot

How Does the Crown of Egypt Work?

Below you will find the paytable which will represent each of the symbols you can land in the game and determine exactly how much they are all worth. The payouts will be decided upon how many of these you can land in the Crown of Egypt slot machine. For example, landing five of a kind is worth so much more than landing three of a kind. It’s important to note that some of these symbols also represent certain bonus benefits which will be explained later:

Symbol description Symbol value
The basic paying symbols in the game are the traditional card numbers that you can find in most casinos online. These pay the standard sum and a recoloured in different ways so that you can spot them more easily. Green J, Purple Q: 10 – 150

Blue K, red A: 15 – 300

The higher paying symbols are the gods and rulers of different variance that are worth more than your average casino symbol. They hold real power and can offer greater rewards. Pelican statue, Cat statue: 50 – 500

Anubis statue: 75 – 1,000

Tutankhamun: 100 – 2,000

The highest paying symbol is the queen herself. Cleopatra was the most famed ruler of Egypt and held the Crown with a strong iron fist. Cleopatra: 100 – 5,000

The currency itself will change accordingly depending on what localisation you are playing. If you are playing the New Zealand version, for example, then the Crown of Egypt online pokie award NZ currency. You can adjust how much you can bet with the setting located below the reels. You can also set automatic feature if you desire. Decide your bet beforehand, and then you can select the autoplay button to activate the spins. To stop, simply select the autoplay button once more.

How to Play and Win Crown of Egypt Online?

To play it, you must spin the reels and land the correct type of symbol a number of times so that you can score a combination. Depending on the symbol and how many you match up, will determine exactly how much you can gain in the prize. You can score multiple prizes at the same time, as long as you land on multiple paylines during a single spin. There is a total of 40 paylines that you land a combination on. Use bonus features to your advantage as well, if you wish to earn more chances of winning.

Crown of Egypt Big Win

The Features of Crown of Egypt Game

Bonus features can be obtained from landing special symbols in the game or from triggering certain combinations. You can also gain promotion offers from a casino you have registered with to give you further benefits that can help you in the game. Below is a list of available bonuses that can be yours for the taking if you are clever enough.

  • The Wild is the Crown itself. This lets you score possible combinations by acting as a substitute to which it can fill any role in the score – replacing any symbol that doesn’t match up regularly.
  • These special symbols can stack together, meaning that it can offer more opportunities to win by providing a larger surface to work with.
  • The Scatter is the Pyramid. By landing at least two on the reels, you will be rewarded with free spins, which can add further spin without betting anything more.
  • The free spins bonus game can be retriggered if needed. Meaning the more pyramids you land, the more free spins will be awarded. This extends your maximising profit potential.

Crown of Egypt RTP and Volatility

The RTP is calculated at around 95%. RTP is designed to give you peace of mind so that you know what you are getting into once you start playing. Volatility is medium. All calculations of this field are done so by the proper authorities that IGT is connected to so they can ensure complete fairness with all their games.

Crown of Egypt Slot Game Jackpot

To gain the jackpot of this slot, one must be able to succeed in scoring all five of the Cleopatras in success with one another. If they wish to earn even more than that, then they must score this combination multiple times during the many possible free spins that you can gain hold of. The Pyramids will be around to help make use of this. The Wild will also help gain these combinations that much easier. Use the bonuses to your advantage and start spinning with the correct larger bets when the time is right.

Crown of Egypt Free Slot for Beginners

In the beginning stages, the Crown of Egypt demo can be a great place to get started. The aim of the demo is so you can play the game without having to experience the fear of losing real money. The trial version will let you utilise free play tokens instead. This means that you can take your time and learn the ins and outs of the Crown of Egypt free pokie with little to no worries. Once the practice has been accomplished, you can move on to the main event with a spark for winning thanks to the experience you have gained.

Is It Suitable for Experienced Players?

For the more experienced player, you should always try and aim for the feature that works best for you. These bonuses can help win you awards in multiple scenarios, so long as you can aim for them and land them in the first place. The Wild secures you more winnings while the Scatter free spins can maximise your score. Till then, you can try and aim for Cleopatra to give yourself the biggest win of them all. So long as you can carry yourself with these pieces in mind, the puzzle of this slot can be solved with complete confidence.

Mobile Version

IGT games developer has worked tirelessly to provide the best technical support for their games that is possible, and this allows them to be played completely on mobile devices, with no glitches and no download required. You can play it from your smartphone or tablet, just as well as what you could play from the browser version. As long as your smaller device has the correct software needed, any IGT game can be played on mobile.


The Crown of Egypt delivers on everything you desire from a slot machine. It can be filled with classic symbols, modern features and a dozen different symbols that make up its excellent use of gameplay. There can be many kinds of combinations so it can be best for any player of any varying skill level from beginners to seasoned veterans. Anyone can enjoy a slot that dedicates itself toward providing a simple online experience that represents the best qualities of modern gambling.

Crown of Egypt - FAQ

Where can I play this for free?
The free slot is fully available on any review site such as this one, as well as visiting the official IGT site directly.
What are the statues based on?
The Statues are based on the animals that Egyptians found very sacred during ancient times. The Cat and the Pelican were said to be worshipped.
Does IGT have any other bonuses in this game?
The simplest bonuses are available in this slot but no others. The free spins act exactly as they should with no further benefits.