Diamond 7

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Introducing Diamond 7

The Diamond 7 slot brings all the glitz and glamour from a NZ classic casino. When you play the Diamond 7 pokie, you aren’t just playing an average slot. You are reliving the greatest casino experience from your favourite software provider, Novomatic. Using modern features to bring you incredible gameplay, players will be harnessing these mechanics in the quest for massive winnings. The 5×3 reels grid can grant you the most tantalising rewards you can imagine. The Diamond 7 pokies are here for all gamblers who enjoy playing classic, fruit-themed slot machines.

The Slot Theme

The first thing you will notice about the Diamond 7 slot machine is how every icon is built with a certain stylish look. The slot is meant to put together the theme of luxury and wealth, creating a casino slot machine that is meant for the high-class players. The only thing that separates this from a high-class slot is the fact that its accessible for anyone. You will find fruits and colours of different variance, showcasing, replicating some of the well-known symbols of luxury slots like this. Diamond 7 online game also has bonus elements that work well with the symbols shown, giving the player immense satisfaction from the possible large prizes that are on offer.

How Diamond 7 Works

Below you will find a paytable which shows you exactly how much each symbol is worth. The Diamond 7 game has various symbols that are worth more when you land more of the same kind. A five of a kind are worth more than a three of a kind, as an example. Here is the full list of symbols and what they are worth with the average bet:

Symbols Payouts for 3-5 of a Kind
All of the symbols are based on different fruits. The lowest tier of fruits is the diamond-encrusted cherries, lemons, plums and oranges. All the fruits are crystal shaped. Cherries: 0.40 – 16.00

Oranges, plums, lemons: 1.60 – 16.00


The second tier of fruits will be the two fruits worth a lot more than the others: the larger watermelon and the bunch of blueberries. Watermelon and blueberries: 4.00 – 40.00
The highest paying symbol in the game is the large number 7 itself completely covered in a crystal-shaped aura to show just how special it really is. Diamond 7: 8.00 – 400.00


The minimum bet that you can place in the game is 0.04. The maximum bet you can place is a total of 200, with a max number of coins on each reel combined with the max coin value. If you wish to spin the reels automatically with a predetermined bet, you can do so by utilising the autoplay function below the reels. Note that the currency of the bet differs depending on which version you are playing. The New Zealand version will use the NZ currency as expected.

How to Play Diamond 7?

The aim of the Diamond 7 online slot is to spin the reels until you land a specific combination of symbols in a successful row. The more symbols you land of the same kind, the bigger the reward will be. Place you bet beforehand to determine how much you will be paid out, and then select the spin button to start spinning. You can use a bonus feature, obtained through landing a special symbol to gain new benefits to your gameplay. Using a special promotion provided by a casino can benefit your gameplay in other ways, like provided cashback rewards or by giving away free spins.

Game Features

Here you can see all the available bonus features needed to gain bigger rewards during the online game. Players will be able to find all these special symbols during the time they play, accessing all the rewards from the start.

  • The Gamble Feature is a prominent game-changer for gaining yourself more winnings. This will allow you to bet the current winnings you have earned so far for double the amount. Maybe even quadruple it. If you wish to earn double the winnings, you must first guess whether the next card in the 52 deck will be the colour black or red. To quadruple your winnings, you must guess which suit the card will be – either the spade, the heart, the club or the diamond.
  • While the Diamond 7 slot game doesn’t have any other features to take advantage of, you can earn more bigger prizes by lining up more of the crystal-shaped symbols than with the regular fruits. Each of the symbols will have different levels of rewards. The more you land them; the more chances of the encrusted symbols to appear. Keep landing them to get the chance of landing the big prize.

Diamond 7 RTP and Volatility

The Diamond 7 RTP is calculated at around 95.66%. The highly volatile slot shows that the Diamond 7 online pokie is meant to be played with constant reel spinning and fast-paced gameplay. Since there aren’t many bonus features to take advantage of, the game is still created in a way to make it fun and rewarding for the luckiest players. This being said, the fairness is completely supervised and has been given sufficient approval by official licences connected with Novomatic, meaning you can be assured that all players will be given equal opportunities to win while playing.

Jackpot Prize

The major jackpot of the game comes from landing five of a kind of the large Diamond 7 symbol. This must be the Diamond version of the symbol instead of the regular number 7. The long game must be played when initiating the game, as only the encrusted symbols are the way to the go. As soon as you start seeing that glimmering shine, that will be your cure to aim for those big numbers, to give yourself a possible massive score of over 1,000,000.

Tips for Beginners

If you wish to play the free play version instead of the real one, you can find one available on the Novomatic official site. The Diamond 7 demo can help players learn all about the game without having to risk any of their real money. The Diamond 7 free slot also contains much more helpful tips in the demo compared to the official betting version. This lets players get that much-needed practice in before they can reach the level of a more veteran gambler. Nevertheless, the slot itself is fairly easy for most gamblers to get used to with its limited complicated functions.

Tips for Veterans

The game will find the premise rather simple compared to other slot machines. The bonuses available are few and far between, meaning that most of the winnings come from gaining the largest symbols and combining them with the boost of the Gamble Feature. This will come down to whether you want to weigh your options first before placing a riskier bet. The double winnings Gamble may be more optimal instead of going straight away for the quadruple bet.  Once you have enough winnings to walk away with, only then try and aim for the quadruple.

Version for Mobile

Novomatic has designed many of its games to be suitable for mobile devices. Even with the Diamond 7 free pokie version, the game will run without any faults on a mobile device. Smartphones, tablets and other Android-based products are available to play with little to no download speed and no drops in quality.


The slot brings together a wonderful facet of colour and sophistication. A slot game that doesn’t bombard you with many complicated features, but instead invites you to a world that could be yours if you play long enough. Everything about the style and wonder tantalises you into spinning those reels more and more. And it is only by doing so can the player form necessary combinations and be rewarded with bigger rewards in the end. The Gamble Feature especially gives the player more control over their rewards by letting them decide on their own terms the risks they wish to take to gain more prizes.

FAQ - The Diamond 7

Is the design of Diamond 7 based on anything?
The style is based on the many different old-fashioned slots used in luxury casinos.
Where can you play the free version?
The free slot version of the game can be found on any review site such as this one or links to it at the very least. The official site of Novomatic also has this title available to play.
Has Novomatic designed games like this one?
Other games created by Novomatic have the theme of gems and fruits attached to it, such as Fabulous Fruits or Dragon’s Pearl.