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FaFaFa is an online slot machine developed by Spade Gaming. It’s a very simple slot to play, and it has a Chinese theme, with Chinese characters appearing as symbols on the reels. There aren’t any bonus rounds or special features – the slot’s gameplay focuses entirely on spinning the reels and landing winning combinations. If you are after real casino slots online that are incredibly quick and easy, the FaFaFa slot may well be the one for you. It’s available at many online casinos, and you can play for free in demo mode right here.

How to Play FaFaFa Online Pokie

When the slot loads, click on the dollar sign button to bring up the betting options. Then select a coin value (0.20, 1.00, 5.00, 50.00 or 100.00) and a bet level (1, 2 or 3). These two values are multiplied together, and the result is your total bet. 
The slot has three symbols: the same Chinese character in three different colours (red, green and blue). There are three reels and one payline. To win, you need to line up three matching symbols or any three symbols on the payline. On every spin, there’s a chance one or more of the reels won’t have any symbols landing on the payline.

Here’s a brief summary of the gameplay:

  • Select a coin value
  • Choose a bet level
  • Click on the circular red button to spin the reels
  • Click on the red triangle button to turn on autoplay

Tips to Win the Game

To win real money, you must land symbol combinations on the payline. You must know that the slot was designed to have half-slots, in the same way, you only see half symbols in physical slot machines. However, these half-symbols do not pay any money.

There are only four ways to win. And the payouts are expressed in multipliers. These values are multiplied against your total stake that triggered the win.  

Times on a Pay Line SYMBOLS
Red Character Blue Character Green Character Any Three
3 100.0 50.0 25.0 5.0

If you wagered $80 and you landed three red characters, you will bag $80 X 100 = $8,000. This is also the highest amount of money you can win. Consider it a jackpot, if you may.

In a simple game like this, many people make the mistake of thinking that winning is easy. After all, there are only three symbols rotating on each drum. What many people do not understand is that the half-symbol should also be taken into the equation.

Here is the explanation:

  Reel 1 Reel 2 Reel 3
Possible Symbols 5 5 5
Symbol Appearance 1 1 1
Likelihood to Appear 20.0% 20.0% 20.0%
Overall Odds 0.80%

The reason there are five symbols per reel is that you have to take into account the “any” and the half symbol on top of the three Chinese characters. As you can see, you only have 0.80% likelihood to land the same symbol combination on all three reels.

For every 100 spins, you are likely to land a red character on all three reels only 0.8% times. At 100 spins with $80 for a bet, you would have spent $8,000, with a chance to win only $8,000, which will only put you at a break-even status.

One of the best tips you need to implement when you play Fa Fa Fa online is that you have to manage your bets conservatively. Do not get tempted to win the grand prize. Bet small and bet many times, is the strategy that is the most effective.

Security and Fair Play

If you like the sound of FaFaFa, you should try our free demo first, then move on and play with actual money at an online casino. All of the best online casino sites are licensed and can, therefore, be trusted. All the casinos we mention tick the box and are safe to sign up to and play at. If you play FaFaFa at a reputable online casino, you shouldn’t have any problems. 


Can I play the FaFaFa slot for real money on your site?

No, you can’t play for real money as we only offer free slots. 

Are outcomes in the FaFaFa slot random?

Yes, the slot uses a random number generator to ensure that each and every outcome is random and that no player has an advantage.

Can I play FaFaFa for free at online casinos?

Most online casinos let you play slots free. Before you can spin for free, you need to have set up a casino account. Then, you should be able to play free online pokie in demo mode.

What is the maximum win on the FaFaFa slot?

The top payout is 400x your coin value. To get this payout, you have to line up three red symbols on the payline with a bet level of 3.

Can I play FaFaFa on mobile?

Yes, you can. You can play for real money on your mobile and for free as well. FaFaFa is designed to be compatible with many different smartphones and tablets.