Holmes & the Stolen Stones Slot

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Play Holmes and the Stolen Stones machine online, this game creation is designed to give you a fun and rewarding gaming experience. Join Sherlock homes and get ready to play sleuth as he, joined by you, set off in search of priceless diamonds that are stolen.

The gameplay of this interesting slot is simple and attention-grabbing. Every element is included to give you a good time, the kind you will hanker to have more of. The chances of scoring wins await you each time you betting and click to spin the reels.

Details of the Holmes and the Stolen Stones

The very famous Mr. Holmes detective is on the prowl, and you and the famed sleuth set out to catch the bad guys and recover some precious stolen diamonds. There are clues hidden at every turn, keep an eye open to spot them. Discover these clues and get rewarded with rewards and money.

Basics of the Holmes and the Stolen Stones

There’s a mystery that needs unraveling and a crime scene where the doors are still locked, giving no clue as to how the precious stones were stolen. Sherlock Homes has been entrusted with solving this crime and bring back the diamonds.

The player gets to catch the crooks and locate the missing stones. Playing sleuth comes with its rewards, as when you play Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot for real money, various rewards and jackpots lie in store for you.

Amazing Features

  •         Provider- Yggdrasil Gaming has created this amazing online casino. They have included various elements that make it visually appealing and fast-paced to play.
  •         Reel and pay lines– This game has 20 pay lines. The set pay lines require that a player bet on each pay line for a spin.
  •         Coins- The coin value for each line is a minimum of 0.01 per line. The maximum bet for a pay line is 2 coins per spin. To bet on the 20 pay lines that would enable you to start playing the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot would require a minimum of 0.2 for a spin and a maximum bet value of 40 coins per spin.
  •         Compatibility- Play Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot online. It can be played at casinos online and is compatible for play on modern mobile devices.

A Fantastic Experience

Playing detective can be fun, and Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot is full of intrigue and fun elements. Uncovering the clues and capturing the villains has its rewards and this game gives you several chances to win money.

Gameplay- The gameplay is easy to get the hand off. Complicated strategy cheats or tips are not needed in here. The clues, symbols in the game, any winning combination and the bonus round hold the keys of fortune in this game.

The game has the following elements:

  • Bet- The bet is chosen from the minimum and maximum bet amount for a spin.
  • Coins- The coins have an assigned value, and this is the value of the bet. The bet amount is a factor that can determine the payout.
  • Spin- A betting is placed, and then a click on the spin button starts the action.
  • Min bet- The min bet represents the lowest bet value possible per pay line for a spin. This is one of the rules of the game.
  • Max bet- An upper cap is placed on the value of a bet per pay line per spin according to the slot rules.
  • Symbols- Symbols feature in the game and are reflected on the reels after a spin. A winning combination is linked to prizes and rewards such as free spins. A winning combination usually requires matching symbols on the reels in a particular sequence.

The Total Wins

You get numerous opportunities for prizes and wins in this online casino. Land the winning combination, and you can be rewarded with 4,000 coins. Crack the cars suits symbols, and there are 200 coins in reward for you.

The car suits are a code that the thugs in the slot used to communicate with each other and are a symbol of the slot.  Get 750 coins if you uncover more clues using the magnifying glass symbol.

Catch the bad guys, and you could win 2,000 coins. The payout of 4,000coins can be yours if you capture the main robber.

Wrap Up

Playing detective can be fun, and in Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot you set of on an adventure with Sherlock holmes. The gameplay of this slot is easy, but there are many exciting twists and turns as the plot thickens.

Several clues need to be discovered, and when a player does this, rewards and money may follow. It considers the RTP of this game plus the fun theme and game element.


The famous sleuth inspires the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot, and the features in it. This fast-paced game has action and lucrative jackpots.