Joker Gems Slot

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ELK Studios is a software company whose focus was always on developing mobile casino online games, their attention was all the time on quality, not quantity. Here’s their last piece. It’s simply a space themed video slot that was introduced by ELK Studios’ innovative team. If you think it’s just another typical online slot, well, think again because it’s not. You can play Joker Gems for real money, but yet, it has no free spins, no wild symbol, and even no fixed paylines which means that there are no specific combinations that make you surely win on its 5 reels and 5 rows. It takes you into a gorgeous trip in the outer space. You’ll be able to look up the shining stars that animate the falling symbols and gems during the Joker Gems game. If you like being dazzled, Joker Gems will do that job for you with a glamorous design and reality look-alike graphics.

About Joker Gems

The Game developers also are aware that gambling games are more than likely stressful, they dealt with that perfectly with the chilly music and bells in the background. It perfectly matches the Nebula atmosphere you’ll live within.

You’ll be able to access your pay table and modify your bets or your strategy from the buttons left to the reels. And on the other side of the screen, there you’ll find the 3 mega jackpots colored in shining gold.

Tips You’ll Need While Playing Joker Gems

Rules are not tough though, all that a player will need to do is form a cluster that includes at least three symbols. They would need to form it in a predefined pattern and that could get them the popular jackpot of £50,000 with RTP of 96.3%. Sounds easy, right? Wait for it!

All you need to do is set up your bet, your hopefully winning strategy and then all that you have left would be the symbols on the reels. There are seven of these.

The higher-value symbols offered by Joker Gems slot machine online game are:

–          The Female Joker

–          The blue seven.

–          The Bare symbol.

The lower-value symbols offered by Joker Gems casino slot online game are:

–          The Red glowing gem.

–          The Blue glowing gem.

–          The Orange glowing gem.

–          The green glowing gem.

Add all this to a newly introduced feature of 3 inconsistent jackpots that can get you a big win up to a 700x multiplier from the normal reels.

The Joker Gems free game also introduces the light chaser feature that you can trigger randomly during any kind of spin. Once you trigger this, a light chaser will maneuver over the 5 rowed reels and will stop randomly. It rewards you a winning cluster up to 5 similar symbols along with the chance to repeat the spin too.

As mentioned above, the video slot does not have the free spins feature. But, they still pay this off by their so-called re-spin feature as a bonus round. If you were lucky enough to land a 3 similar symbols cluster, you get a re-spin which allows a bigger growing chance for your cluster.

How To Get The Best Out Of the Game

Minimum bets at Joker Gems slot is predefined at 0.2 Euros up to the maximum of 100 Euros. But you’ll need to have your own betting strategy or in other words, the completely legit cheats.

Four important features

  •         Optimizer:

The optimizer strategy does you the greatest favor that you might need in this game, it automatically changes your betting amount depending on your available balance using a percentage based calculation. Simply when your balance grows bigger, you bet bigger accordingly. And when it shrinks, you bet less.

  •         Leveler:

The first thing you always think about when you lose bet is simply how to reverse such a loss and get your money back. The leveler strategy does this job for you; it actually increases your bet level by 2 steps if you lost 5 rounds in a row, and resets your bet back to your basic level once you win a round.

  •         Booster:

The booster strategy makes sure that you only win and also will make sure that you don’t lose all your balance. It does that by increasing your bet level by 1 step whenever you lose around and it will keep on doing that with a maximum of 4 times. You go back to the bet base level after 4 losing rounds or one winning round.

  •         Jumper:

This one believes in your luck, unlike the booster strategy. It increases your bet level by 1 step whenever you win a round. That keeps on happening with a maximum of four rounds in a row and it resets whenever you lose a single round.

Joker Gems Review

This Amazing slot is another ELK Studios’ masterpiece, it’s highly recommended for its realistic graphics and its space-trip theme. Also, the game will make everything easier for you by the betting strategies it is introducing. Although it doesn’t have most of the commonly known features of the online slots, that’s what makes it unique as it’s paying off these features by some newly introduced creative solutions.