Kawaii Kitty

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Introducing Kawaii Kitty

The Kawaii Kitty slot is everything you could hope for in one cute little package, given to you by the creative minds of the software provider, Betsoft. Explore the fluffy little world of the Kawaii Kitty pokies, as you spin reels to win all kinds of fuzzy little prizes. Packed with all kinds of bonuses, you can find a feature or two that will just make you explore with absolute cuteness. Available in Canada, the US and New Zealand, anyone from all over the world can experience such an adorable trap and bring home some rewards. The Kawaii Kitty pokie will surely poke you in the cheeks with award-winning opportunities to purchase your own little adorable friend.

Slot Theme

Kawaii Kitty Slot BetsoftThe moment you start up the Kawaii Kitty slot machine, you will be blown in the face with just how shiny, and cute everything is. The aim of this slot is to give you one thing and one thing only – to make you aww and ooh at every chance it can get. The kittens of the cat café will be purring over to you to spin their reels and see what you get. All kinds of kitten-themed things of cute variance will be coming your way. The main cat of the house is the Kawaii Kitten herself, greeting you with her big violet eyes and her tight little yellow ribbon wrapped around her ear. Whenever you score a prize, her 3D animation will come to life to congratulate you.

How Does Kawaii Kitty Work?

Below is the paytable of Kawaii Kitty online pokie. Here you can see for yourself exactly how much all these symbols are worth. Some of which can form little patterns, which can be hard to see at times. No worries though, as you can view the paytable yourself from the information page below. Here is what you can win from these icons from the average bet:

Symbols Payouts for 3-5 of a Kind
The lowest paying symbols are the kitten’s food. These will come from either a purple can of treats or from a bowl of nibbles. Both of which are shaped in the form of a kitten with its big black eyes. Purple can, Bowl of food: 5 – 25
The higher paying symbols are the various little toys and decorations you can place onto your own kitten – a yellow ribbon for her ears, a fishy chew toy and movable mouse. Yellow Ribbon: 7 – 40

Fish toys: 8 – 50

Mouse toy: 10 – 60

The highest paying symbols are the two things that every little kitty cat love – a smiling brush to keep their fur all nice and soft. And a large carton of milk for them to gobble up on after food. Smiling hairbrush: 25 – 120

Carton of milk: 50 – 250

The number of paylines that you can land combination on is 10. The minimum bet you can make is $0.02 with a bet level of one coin. You can bet on all 10 paylines with a max coin value of $1.00, meaning the maximum money you can bet is $10.00. If you wish to set the reels to spin several times automatically with a bet already set for you, you can use the game’s autoplay feature do just that. Remember to note that currency will differ depending on what kind of money you are using. USD will transfer into NZ currency as an example.

How to Play Kawaii Kitty?

The aim of the Kawaii Kitty slot game is to spin the reels and land specific combinations of symbols in order to win prizes. Depending on what you land and how many of them you land will determine the prize that you can receive. Sometimes it can be difficult, but with the bonus features, it can be made easier. Sometimes an NZ casino will give you a special promotion that will add further benefits to your gameplay. Remember to set how much you want to bet on the Kawaii Kitty online slot beforehand, as this can help in money management.

Slot Game Features

kawaii kitty slot paytableKawaii Kitty online has various features available to give you a boost to your winnings, or at the very least, provide you with more opportunities to win more often:

  • Winnings that you score can be lined up both ways, meaning it doesn’t have to be from left to right.
  • The Wild of the game is represented as a ball of yarn. This ball of yarn can expand into other Wilds, wrapping themselves together to form a string. This means the Wild can spread across the whole reel, giving you more chances of substituting for possible combinations.
  • The Gamble Feature is a way for you to double your winnings received by playing a simple coin toss game. All you must do is guess whether the coin will land heads or tails. If you guess correctly, your winnings are doubled. If incorrectly, then you lose all your winnings and make the poor kitten sad.

Kawaii Kitty RTP and Volatility

The Kawaii Kitty RTP is calculated at around 95.27%. The RTP rate is designed to promote fairness and equal opportunities to players, showing how much they can win from betting. This also shows just how important the supervision and licensing that has come from Betsoft’s connections are. These are to make it clear to the player that they have the same chance of winning as everybody else. The RTP rate for Kawaii Kitty free slot is also the same, even when no money is being bet on the game altogether.

The Jackpot and the Max Prize

Kawaii Kitty itself doesn’t necessarily have any major jackpot winnings or bonuses that can outright state it. Instead, the goal of the slot is gain as many winnings as possible so that players can double them using the Gamble Feature. The highest paying slot is through a combination of five Milk cartons. This awards up to 250 payout of the initial bet. Double this up with the Gamble Feature, and the player can win a 500 payout. Remember that this doesn’t just apply to one landed combination but can be made to multiple ones scored at the same time.

Tips for Beginners

The best way to get some practice for beginner gamblers is to play the Kawaii Kitty demo version first. This free version of the game uses free play tokens instead of any real money, meaning you can play online as many times as you want without having to risk your own finances. The Kawaii Kitty free pokie works the same way as the casino version, meaning you can practise as much as you want, and it will be just like playing for real. Once this has done, you can enjoy gaming knowing which symbols to aim for and when to take the Gamble risk.

What Should Experienced Players Know?

For the more seasoned gamers, Kawaii Kitty game is fairly simple compared to other slot games, meaning that apart from the Wild and Gamble Feature, there aren’t that many other bonuses to use up to get more winnings. However, both features can come in handy when you want to win big. The Wild, when stretched across the reels, will give you the best chance of earning more combinations. Double these with the Gamble Feature, and you can have a lot of money scored in the bag.

Playing on Mobile

Betsoft developer has designed almost all their games to be completely optimised for mobile devices. You can play Kawaii Kitty on Android or Apple platforms, from smartphones to tablets. Even though this slot has impressive 3D animations and graphics, you can experience no drops in quality from whatever device you decide to play it on. This includes getting right into the game with little to no download speeds. Betsoft has worked hard to maintain its quality with whatever platform they wish to place their games on.


Kawaii Kitty is everything you could hope for in terms of cute mascot characters. There aren’t many that stick with you as much as this adorable little kitten. She will react to everything you do, from the big losses to the most amazing wins. Her reactions are quite motivational, as it isn’t just her that acts all cute when you win. The symbols themselves all have smiling faces that light up with every successful combination. The level of detail makes this slot worth it all in the end, and the rules are simple to follow for any gambler of varying skill.

Kawaii Kitty - FAQ

Are there any free spins in the game?
Since there is no Scatter or other bonuses, then the slot will have no free spins for you to take advantage of.
Is the word Kawaii based on anything?
The word “Kawaii” is the Japanese word for “cute”. A perfect name for the kitten who is in the game. Cat Cafés are also commonplace in Japan.
Where can I play the game for free?
The demo is available on the official Betsoft site as well as plenty of review sites such as this one.