Konami Slots

Konami Gaming Inc is a frontrunner when it comes to the innovation of slot machines for the global gaming industry. Saying that the firm is unique in the gaming world does not do it enough justice. It also plays a huge role in the provision of effective gaming enterprise management systems that do not disappoint. Since inception, the company continues to create huge waves in the gaming market. This is in spite of the fact that its name stands for small waves. Built on a foundation of rich heritage, the firm relentlessly creates engaging games that grab and hold the attention of players all over the globe.

Konami Slots
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The company is a subsidiary of the famous entertainment developer that goes by the name of Konami Holdings Corporation. This was established by Kagemasa Kozuki in 1973 in Osaka, Japan. To date, the founder still serves actively as the CEO and Chairman of Board. This makes sure that staff members pursue his original version of offering immense quality in every detail and pushing the limits of novelty. The company works hand in hand with Konami Australia Pty Ltd to provide the ultimate global solutions with exemplary casino management systems and original products.

Description of Konami

Konami is one of the most celebrated software providers that strive to deliver the most enjoyable gaming experiences. It serves different markets including Latin America, Europe, North America, Macau, Singapore, and many more. It aims at designing, producing and selling top imaginative products such as China Shores, Podium, and African Diamond.

The company is the brains behind SYNKROS which is among the fastest growing systems in the market. When it first started, the company was mostly dealing with jukebox rental and repair services. In the 1970’s they began creating arcade cabinets and some games as well as a cost-cutting measure. The company made its entry to the online gaming industry in the 1990’s where it has been in charge of developing very many Konami slot games.

High Points about Konami Software

Players will constantly look out for titles from Konami gaming software first because of the reputation that the company has managed to gain and maintain for many years. The software provider is known to deliver games with unmatched gaming pedigree. It succeeds at offering experiences that gamers cannot easily find elsewhere.

You will not go through any dull sessions picking a Konami slot because they always have features that bring in that unique element players adore. In fact, you should be ready to spend more time on these games because once you hit the start button, it will be very hard to end the gaming sessions.  Among the huge selection of games from the software provider are slots with progressive jackpots. These are titles where you can try and walk away with life-changing prizes. Playing the likes of Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune will give you more than one way of winning.

Does the Company Produce Mobile Slots?

The Japanese Company with offices in different countries worldwide knows that players are not always in front of their PCs or desktops when they want to experience some thrilling gaming action. For this reason, it comes up with optimized games that allow you to get a chance of playing Konami slots games on your mobile device. The firm deeply cares for all its clients; thus, you will be able to enjoy similar quality as though you are playing in desktop regardless of where you are.

A Deeper Look into Konami’s Games

Konami casino games are available in different types of groups. This way, gamers are able to go through the lists to pick the ones they fancy the most. Naturally, these are dazzling games that offer gamers a good time. Key features to expect from some of the company’s productions include:

Bonus Games Action Stacked Symbols Assortment of Prizes
Dynamic Motion Reels Mystery Rewards Secret Power Symbol
Mirror Reels Balance of Fortune

Konami’s slot machines are some of the best in the market. They come with features that captivate the different moods of players. Some of these come with Konami codes an interesting feature of games from this firm. You can refer to these as cheat codes that the company releases. When playing a game with such a code, you just have to pause the game and press a specified set of buttons. This will help you get the assistance of bypassing challenging levels or simply intensify your gaming experience. The codes popularity grew in leaps and bounds where it was introduced to many games.

Because of the organization’s excellent reputation, it was able to license some of its best productions to become Hollywood movies. Silent Hill was the first Konami game to hit the big screens. Others that followed suite include Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania among many others.

Players have the option of Konami slots online for free where there are no wagering requirements, but people can explore various themes at no cost. Most of these titles do not require any downloading, they just offer unaltered entertainment. All a gamer has to do is press the play button, and they can delight in Vegas-style gambling without hurting their bank accounts. Some titles to exploit in this section are:  

  • Gypsy Fire.
  • Wealthy Monkey.
  • Heart of Romance.
  • Lotus Land, etc.

You will also be glad to learn that the firm has plenty of titles to draw on which means that players can always look forward to new experiences on a regular basis.

Final Verdict

In addition to an excellent Konami games portfolio, there are very many impressive factors about the company. It is known to manufacture great trading cards and arcade games and cabinets. A majority acknowledges that its gambling equipment and gaming equipment cannot be ignored in the industry.

Fun fact about the company is that it has exclusive agreements with a majority of the cruise lines. These allow gamers to access their slots in almost all cruise ships they board. Arguably, it is one of the slot makers that has the most knowledge and experience of creating games that attract all types of gamers.