Legend of the White Snake Lady Slot

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Yggdrasil Gaming might be new to the industry, but they have established themselves very strongly in the past few years. They are already known for developing some of the best and most popular no download titles of the industry, and Legend of the White Snake Lady is certainly one of their masterpieces.

Legend of the White Snake Lady Pokie Review

Yggdrasil Gaming brings you Legend of the White Snake Lady, an online casino slot game with a slight twist. This game combines all the forces (love, hate, the good, and the evil). The pokie has 5 reels and gives the player a chance to witness one of the most loved stories in the history of gaming.

It is certainly a stylish game and has a Chinese theme to it. The main elements of its storyline are reincarnation, immorality, and obviously, snakes. Even though the story of this gambling option is kind of weird, the game itself is quite easy to get a hang of.

Legend of the White Snake Lady pokies has 243 ways to win, and all of these ways are highly rewarding.

Gripping Storyline

The story of the game tells us about the love story of Xu Xian and BaiSuzhen, who are the leads of this pokie. Xu Xian falls in love with a gorgeous woman BaiSuzhen, but BaiSuzhen actually turns out to be a mysterious white snake spirit who attained unreal powers by taking immortality pills 18 years ago. The plot twist is that Xu Xian was the person who gave BaiSuzhen the pills, which he got from Lu Dongbin (who is one of the 8 immortals).

If you thought the story was twisted enough, then you are wrong, my friend, because you are yet to meet the Buddhist Monk Fahai. Fahai is a terrapin turtle who envies the true love of Xu Xian and BaiSuzhen and wants them to split up. However, he fails in his quest as he gets defeated by BaiSuzhen’s best friend, Xiaoqing. Xiaoqing is a green snake who lives in a human form. After his defeat, Fahai runs and hides in the belly of a crab. And just like every good story, the hero (in this case, Xu Xian) and the heroine (BaiSuzhen) live happily ever after. They even have a baby together.

It seems Yggdrasil Gaming did not want to take any risks this time, and that is why they went with the good old Ancient Chinese theme for this slot machine.

How to Play Legend of the White Snake Lady Online

There are 7 symbols in this slot, and as usual, they are based on the original theme. The symbols include a pagoda, a bridge, and the White Snake Lady herself. The wild symbol of the game is none other than a golden Chinese snake. This symbol will only appear on the 3rd reel.

The biggest downside of this gambling option might be its lack of bonuses as there are no other scatter symbols or bonus icons in this game other than the golden snake wild card. Moreover, there are no paylines either; instead, you will be awarded a win every time 3 or more matching symbols appear on adjacent reels.

Important pointers of the pokie:

  • You can place different bets on each spin, the betting range is from 0.01 to 5.00 coins.
  • The bet may be multiplied by 25 when it gets calculated for the total bet per spin. So, technically the highest bet is of 125.00 coins.
  • You can get 2,500x the prize if t identical symbols appear in a row. However, this is not valid for all the symbols.

Winning Strategies for Legend of the White Snake Lady Pokies

You can easily win as there are more than 200 ways to win. But hitting the jackpot in this game is not as easy as you might think. The most important symbol of this slot is the White Snake Lady symbol.

If this symbol appears 5 times on adjacent reels (without wild), then you can get a boost of 25,000x, which is crazy! None of the other symbols has this potential.

When the wild appears, you get a free respin (automatically), and the wild stays in its place. This opens you up to a lot of big opportunities.


Yggdrasil Gaming really impressed us this time, and this weird game actually turned out to be awesome. It is one of the best games of its kind, and we really loved our experience with it.

From a unique storyline to a crazy jackpot, this has got it all. You willnot be disappointed by this game if you deposit real money to start gambling in NZ as you can win an impressive amount of money.