Satoshi’s Secret Slot

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Are you excited about Bitcoin mining? Satoshi’s Secret by Endorphina provides you with the chance to mine Bitcoins. The slot was developed and devoted to Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoin’s developer.

Bitcoin has become a key component in almost all industries with an online presence. Right from online shopping to betting, it has found numerous uses. As a result, the online casino sector has quickly taken up the challenge and embraced it. The Satoshi’s Secret brings digitally permeated action to the casino reels in a way that has never been experienced earlier.

Satoshi’s Secret Pokie Review

Satoshi’s Secret is a video slot that features 20 paylines, 6 reels and three lines. The slot draws its inspiration from Bitcoins. The symbols include alphabet letters, hacker and Bitcoin-related symbols.

This slot was developed with an aim of uncovering Nakamoto’s secret. Players can hack into accounts of rich people across the globe. The money that they get from this is then converted into Bitcoins which you transfer into your bank account. Moreover, the slot allows the gamers to risk their prize.

How to Play Satoshi’s Secret Online

The machine’s graphic design is a reminder of the famous matrix. You will be dealing with the binary code which gives you the feeling of being within the system. The gameplay has numerous stimulating actions and bonus features offering a captivating gaming environment. With an RTP of 96%, it offers frequent hits, but the bonus games are uncommon.

The game consists of six letters-QWERTY. These make the first six letters on the keyboard bringing to your attention the fact that many people hardly come up with a secure password thus hacking into the system is easy. Other symbols include:

  • Dollar, Euro, and Pound currency signs
  • Wild
  • Hacker
  • Bitcoin symbols

The wild substitutes all other symbols with an exception of the Bitcoin which represents scatters hence increasing the chances of winning. The winning combinations constitute of:

  • Six consecutive hacker signs lead to 500,000 credits
  • Six-pound currency signs which contribute to 300,000 coins
  • Six Dollar or Euro signs amount to 100,000 coins

To make adjustments during the gameplay, you can use the “Coin” section to set the coin sizes.

  • “Lines” sets the number of lines;
  • Total Bet regulates the total bets;
  • Take win allows you to get wins in the main game or bonus gamble;
  • Take Risk starts the bonus gamble game;
  • Take Profit allows you to take profits won from the bonus game;
  • Auto starts the reels with no interruption;
  • Spin feature starts the reels.

How to Win Satoshi’s Secret Pokies

One can bet from one to ten coins per line. To land a winning combo, you must get three to six matching symbols. After you win the game round, you can choose to withdraw the prize or risk all of it in the bonus game.

The importance of the bonus game is to allow the player to select a card from the four displayed on the grid. If a player chooses a card with a higher value than the one provided, their risk will win a prize. However, if the selected card has a lower value, then you lose the bet. One can quit the bonus game at any time during play.

The bonus game is triggered by two win combos that lead to two different types of bonus games:  The QWERTY bonus game, and the trading bonus game.

The QWERTY combo allows one to hack into one of the three banks: red, yellow and green. The green bank is easy to hack but has fewer cash amounts; the yellow is moderate to hack and with a moderate amount of money, while the red one is difficult to hack but has a large sum of money.

Playing the trading bonus game requires one to select from the currencies and bet on whether or not you think its value decrease or increase. During this game, a 3×3 reel game appears with currencies being displayed randomly with symbols indicating an increase or decrease in value.  More credits are given if you can predict correctly. This is a good way to win real money.

The Satoshi’s Secret is an interesting slot to play. The developer did a great job when designing it especially combining the Bitcoin theme with the bonus games. It has appealing graphics, and the bonus features are well aligned to the game’s theme. It has an exquisite design and an unusual theme and is ideal for those who attracted to computers, Bitcoin, hacking and slots gaming. Endorphina has done a good job with its quality instalments in their numerous and popular game collection. Satoshi’s Secret is one of the top slots games in the market right now. The slot has no bad sides thus it is recommendable to avid gamers.