Smash the Pig!

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Introducing Smash the Pig Slot

The Smash the Pig online slot is full of all kinds of mischief and fun. The cartoonish chaos that ensues in Smash the Pig pokies will leave you wanting more than you could possibly imagine on the 5×3 grid. Software provider, IGT, has worked to provide something more laid-back and funnier while you are playing to win yourself some prizes. Available for all IGT locations such as Canada, US and New Zealand. Enjoy a ton of bonus games and mini promotion offers as you continue trying to wallop that pig with the big hammer of money. A crazy, wild ride that takes you back to the barnyard, with that little prize-winning motivation to keep you trying.

Slot Theme

What you will notice from the Smash the Pig pokie is just how adorable everything is. The game follows a cute, art style that lets players enjoy themselves with these wide-eyed pigs as they scutter around the fields. These animals are actually the piggybanks that children have to store money in them. The Smash the Pig slot machine is all about smashing those piggybanks so that you can receive a ton of money from the inside of them. The game gives plenty of features so that you can smash the pig in a variety of ways, letting loose all the coins and dollars that come flying out of them.

Smash the Pig! Pokie win

How Does Smash the Pig Online Work?

Below will be a paytable which will show you all the available payouts in. You can find this reference available in the game itself, below the reels with an information tab on it. The symbol value will depend on how many you land. For instance, the value range comes from three of a kind to five of a kind. Here are the values to learn:

Symbol Description Symbol Value
The lowest paying symbols in the game are the traditional card numbers found in most casinos online. These come in different colours so they can be easily identifiable. Blue J: 3 – 25

Yellow Q: 5 – 50

Red K: 10 – 100

Purple A: 12 – 200

The higher paying symbol is the smaller items and content of different variance found in the piggy bank. The smaller contents and the tool used to get it are the smallest of this set. Mallet: 20 – 500

Penny: 50 – 1,000

The highest paying symbols are the wads of cash that can be found in piggy banks and the sparkling slot title, Smash the Pig slot game, itself. Wads of cash: 75 – 5,000

Game logo: 150 – 10,000

There is a total of 10 paylines that can be won on. The betting itself can be altered below the reels and changed accordingly to determine how much you can win. It’s important to note that the currency of the payouts will be different depending on the localised version you are using, such as USD or NZ. There is no autoplay feature, so make the bets after every spin you have or at the end of the free spins bonus.

How to Play Slot?

The aim of the game is to spin the reels in the hopes of landing perfect combinations. These combos are what win you money, so long as you keep landing the same symbol on paylines a set number of times. For example, landing five of a kind will win you a bigger reward than landing three of a kind. Multiple winnings can be scored at the same time, even on the same spin. Keep this going with free spins, and you could win a lot more with just a single bet. Other bonuses can also be used to grant better chances of scoring with increased opportunities.

The Features of Smash the Pig Online Pokie

The special features are abundant in here, letting loose multiple bonuses at once can really improve your chances of being a winner, so it’s important to take every advantage that you can get. Below is a list of some of the features that will grant you these added benefits, some of which you can use one after the other:

  • The Scatter of the slot comes in two different forms. The first is the Pick a Pig bonus. If you land between three and five of this icon, it will let the player pick their own bonus to attach to their winnings. They can be a random multiplier between 1x to 20x or a smaller multiplier range (1x to 15x) with yet another chance to score this opportunity gain.
  • Once the first bonus has started, another type of Scatter will be available, the Pig Smashing bonus. Every time you land this symbol, the Luck meter will start filling up. The more the luck meter is filled, the more chances of the Pick a Pig bonus to start appearing. This lets you score as many multipliers as you wish until the luck meter has run out completely.

Smash the Pig! Bonus Game

Smash the Pig RTP and Volatility

The Smash the Pig RTP is calculated at around 92.15%. The purpose behind the RTP count is so that players can have a good idea as to how much they can win in the long run. The slot variance is high. RTP is supervised by the licensing companies connected to IGT, meaning you can trust the information provided has been supervised by official authorities.

The Jackpot and Maximum Win

The jackpot comes from the logo of the very game itself. This is what players should be aiming for if they wish to earn a possible 10,000 payout of their initial bet. Obviously, this can only be made possible if they land five of them in a row. With the huge 20x multiplier you can gain from the bonuses, this can be turned into 200,000 times the initial bet, leading to huge winnings all around. Score the same again during the free spins, and that’s even more money than you can put away in your piggy bank.

Gameplay for Beginners

If you wish to gain some practice in first, the Smash the Pig demo can be played instead, allowing you to learn the game in your own time. The free play tokens used in the Smash the Pig free slot version will let you continue playing without having to bet any real money in the process. It’s a great way to have a feel for the slot without any risk to your finances happening. Once you have done playing the Smash the Pig free pokie, you can enjoy the slot for real and start earning some small winnings just to get some valuable experience.

Tips for Experienced Players

The bonuses are your ticket to the big rewards. It is with the luck meter that you can be granted more of the bonus, which means you can keep trying to get a higher multiplier again and again. Remember to aim for the higher paying symbols during these free spins to take advantage.

Mobile Experience: Play on the Go

IGT is one of the most technologically advanced software providers in the online casino industry. Almost all their games are fully optimised with tech that allows any of them to be played on mobile devices. Smaller platforms such as smartphones and tablets should be no problem as long as they are equipped with the appropriate software. You can expect no drops in quality or little to no download speed while playing, allowing faster and improved gameplay even on such a small device.


If you want a fun and more cartoonish adventure, than Smash the Pig game is all about bringing that. While the design may be simple, its kind-hearted nature is enough to draw you in and let you play for hours. The bonuses themselves can be rewarding and generous, making up for the low RTP rate to help give you better chances of winning through just a little extra hard work. Its fairness and attention to detail are what makes this slot very commendable.

Smash the Pig - FAQ

Where can I play this for free?
You can play the demo available from any official site of IGT and review sites such as this one.
Does the luck meter ever fully fill?
You can try filling up the meter first before setting the Smashing Pig bonus, allowing you to make the most out of it for as long as possible.
What does IGT stand for?
IGT stands for International Game Technology. You can visit their website for other games in their online portfolio.