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We all like fresh stuff and Endorphina gets the gist well enough. They developed a casino’s online slot called the Sparkling Fresh slot. The developers did well to release a game that fits the name. 

Maybe they haven’t considered how a game with a small layout could achieve that much graphics display. Sparkling fresh free online casino is very juicy, and would sure spark up your appetite for more.

Details of the Sparkling Fresh

Basics of the Game

There are five reels on the game and five paylines. The paylines might not be an attractive feature for most high rollers, and one would consider this as a downside of this slot.

Some players that like safe bets might also find the paylines a bit smaller than what they require. No matter how safe one bets, there would be times to place some higher stakes. However, the User Experience is one to keep you coming back for more, and the visuals of this casino are quite impressive.

To ease the paylines tension, it is a bit important to note that the paylines are quite flexible. There are many paylines on the reels, and this makes the casino a bit profitable.

If you play Sparkling Fresh slot machine online game well and harness all the features, the game can cough up its maximum of 5,000 coins as its payout on select combinations. But it all depends on well you play, and it’s not going to be easy.

Amazing Features

For all the Sparkling Fresh casino slot online players that want to enjoy gaming; learning the basics of this casino is what gives you the edge and chances to win big. Trust that this sport would deliver as well as other popular online casino games. Casino online games all come with a particular zing that makes them stand out.

However, this online casino has more to offer than the common zing. Considering its features:

  • There is a clean background with the bright color pink emanating all over the place. There are also animated bubbles that are scattered all over the place to give the game its fresh and stunning appearance.
  • If this background doesn’t quench your thirst, then you need to have your fill. Don’t worry, playing the game fills you up till you can’t take any more.
  • As you play this casino, you would notice the reel symbols as the reel spins. These symbols include oranges, apples, blueberries, and strawberries. You would remember these symbols if you have an idea of how the classic slot symbols look like. But that is just the idea, and the symbols in Sparkling Fresh game are like an upgraded and graphical depiction of the classic slot symbols.

A Fantastic Experience

There are many slot games on the internet, and there is a belief that their controls are the same. For the record, this is not true. This sport is not among those online games that are complicated to control.

The developers kept everything in this sport simple and concise. You can control a lot in the game easily, and without any complications like some other slots.

The Whole Wins

The wager values of the game are between 0.01 and 5 for each coin. You can also bet with coins, and they range from 5 to 500. This is the part that would attract high rollers. Honestly, the developers didn’t leave high rollers out of this sport.

They just arranged things differently. If you use all the paylines that are available, there is a strong possibility that you would earn a lot of cash.

There are a few bonus features in this casino that every player must try to harness. However, the most intriguing of them all is the scatter symbols although this is because there are no wild symbols.

The scatter symbol is in the form of a gold star, and you must be vigilant to get this star. This gold star gives you access to loads of fantastic prizes. Locating two gold stars on the reels with the maximum bets would pay out 25,000 coins.

Now, you know that you can play Sparkling Fresh for real money. The fact that the bonuses in this sport are few is a major upset. But one can still harness the jackpots available to win a lot.

Concluding Lines

The Sparkling Fresh slot is full of action, and you would be entertained to the very end. Although there are only a few bonus features, the user experience is quite remarkable. Ensure you bring your A-game to this slot so that you can walk away with a tangible amount of cash. This sport is a real treat for the eyes and is ideal for those looking for a new game to play.


If you are in need of eye candy, Sparkling Fresh is the right sport for you. Get it on your mobile device as soon as possible!