Ultra Hot Deluxe

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The Ultra Hot Deluxe pokie from Novomatic is a traditional, retro slot, known for its simplicity. The game flow is so easy that even newcomers wouldn’t need much time to understand it. No wonder, it has gained popularity in various countries such as New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and Canada, among others.

The Theme & Graphics of Ultra Hot Deluxe Online

This Novomatis slot has a fruit-based theme in a classic retro style. The graphics are quite elementary and traditional. Red and orange colours and images of fire burning evoke nostalgia and an old-school style.

You will find eight symbols on the reels. Four of them are fruits, namely, lemons, plums, cherries, and oranges. The other four are bars, double sevens, stars, and a black cross. Except for the last one, all other symbols appear in pairs.

The Various Buttons in the Ultra Hot Deluxe Free Slot

The Paytable

Clicking this button on the menu section will display the payouts which can be received from the different symbols. The prizes for each symbol are given below.

  • X – The black cross brings the reward of 40 credits when three such Xs appear.
  • Cherries – Three pairs of this fruit fetch 5 credits.
  • Plums – All fruits appear in pairs and three sets of each pair yield 40 credits.
  • Lemons – You win 40 credits when three pairs of lemons land on the reels.
  • Oranges – Same as in the case of other fruits: 40 credits for three pairs.

If the same fruit icon covers each and every position on the reels, meaning there are 9 identical fruit symbols, then your prize for that particular spin is doubled.

  • Twin Bars – The word “BAR” appears twice, and three sets of this can get you 60 credits.
  • Twin Stars – Three sets of star pairs can help you win 200 credits.
  • Double 7s – This symbol which yields the highest reward appears as 77. You can win 750 times of your bet per line if three sets of this icon appear on the reels.

The Bet for Each Line

You will find the words “Bet/Line” at the bottom of the reels in the centre. The + and – buttons on the right and left respectively help to increase or decrease your stake. The betting options range from 5 to 500 coins.


This is at the extreme left corner at the bottom of the reels. This is a fully automated and easy method to operate the slot machine. It allows the machine to run on its own over and over again without you having to continually click on the Spin button.


It is located at the bottom right of the screen. The reels start spinning when you click this button.

How to Play Ultra Hot Deluxe Online Slot

The number of pay lines is fixed at five. Three of them are horizontal while the other two are diagonal. So first, you need to decide your denomination and how many credits you wish to stake on each line. For each line, the lowest wager would be 1 coin. Hence for each spin, the smallest stake is 5 coins. So even if you are playing with a shoestring budget to avoid undue risk, you would find this game suitable.

A Variety of Features in the Ultra Hot Deluxe Pokies

  • The Risk / Gamble Round in the Ultra Hot Deluxe Game

This is a Double or Nothing game which is triggered the moment you land a winning arrangement in the normal game. Click the Gamble button, which is to the left of the Start button. The screen shows a playing card facing away from you. You have to accurately predict the colour of its suit. You have a 50/50 chance of winning, as there are only two colours to choose from: red or black. The right choice doubles your prize while the wrong answer means you lose your winnings. You can play the Gamble game a maximum of 5 times.

  • Reels, Rows & Paylines

Ultra Hot Deluxe pokie has three reels and five bet lines spread across three rows. The bet lines are not configurable. This is a video slot which uses HTML5 technology.

  • Rules for Winning Prizes

The main goal of the player should be to land three similar matching symbols on the three reels throughout a bet line. Prizes are given out for winning combinations of the same type. The bet lines pay in the direction from left to right.

Ultra Hot Deluxe RTP & Volatility

The RTP or Return to Player of this slot machine is 95.17%. Variance for any casino game online or otherwise refers to the risk involved for the player. Its volatility or variance is medium to low. This means that the value of the prize money may be small, but a player tends to win more frequently.

The Highest Slot Payout for Ultra Hot Deluxe Slot Game

The biggest payout is the jackpot which is worth 75,000 coins. The criterion is that your bet should be at the highest level.

Helpful Tips for the First Timers Playing Ultra Hot Deluxe Online Pokie

First-timers would do well to keep in mind some basic tips which are based on common sense. These are as under:

  1. Know the RTP or Payout Percentage – Fundamentally, it is an educated guess or an approximation of what a player can hope to win from a slot machine. Naturally, a player is more likely to go for the slot machine that offers a higher payout percentage.
  2. Do not try to recover your losses – Slot games of all reputed software providers like Novomatic operate on the RNG or the Random Number Generator platform. These, along with machine settings, are monitored and regularly checked by the relevant authorities. This means that your chance of winning a decent amount is the same each time you play the Ultra Hot Deluxe free pokie. So no matter how many times you play the probability of your winning does not change. If you play with the intention of winning back what you lost, you are flogging a dead horse, in a way.
  3. Walk away before it is too late – If you keep the above points in mind, you will know when to cut your losses. Quit when you start getting frustrated or depressed. Try your luck some other time, especially if you are playing for real money.

Ultra Hot Deluxe Winning Strategies for the Experienced Players

If you wish to maximise your prize money, there are two clear strategies you need to follow.

  • First, make a wager on all the bet lines.
  • Bet as much as you possibly can. To win the biggest prize, you should stake the highest amount.

Ultra Hot Deluxe Slot Machine for Players on the Go

You can enjoy this game not only from the comforts of your home on a desktop computer but also while you are travelling. The mobile edition of this game powered by HTML 5 and CSS3 technologies is available and is fully compatible with all such devices, whether you are using an iPhone, or an Android phone/tablet.

The mobile version is also compatible with all operating systems, like, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, or Android.

Summing It All Up

Canadians, Europeans, Aussies, or folks from NZ, no matter which part of the globe you may be from, everyone loves to play a straightforward and effortless game once in a while. The convenient interface, ease of play, and lack of distractions serve as the biggest promotion for this slot machine. It is definitely worth a visit for a pleasurable experience.

Ultra Hot Deluxe - FAQ

I would like to have a free demo game for practice. Is it possible?
Yes, the Ultra Hot Deluxe demo version is available for free play on our site. Make full use of it to understand the flow of the game before you play for real money.
Does Ultra Hot Deluxe slot machine have wild or scatter symbols as commonly seen in most online casino games?
No, this particular game does not have any wild or scatter symbols. But you will find a multiplier of 2X. This feature comes into play when your screen is covered with fruit icons.
Are any special features present in this online slot game?
This slot machine does not have a progressive jackpot, free spins, or a separate bonus round. But there is a Gamble feature where a player has the chance to double his prize money. He simply has to make a correct guess about the result of this round, which happens to be the colour of the card suit, Red or Black.
Is this game compatible with any device?
Yes, of course. That is the beauty of its effortless and convenient interface. You can enjoy this game not only on desktop computers but also on Android smartphones, iPhones, and tablets. Flash Plug-in should be enabled on the browser of your mobile phone.
Can I play this game without downloading it?
The software provider, Novomatic, has given the no download option. You simply have to visit a site and launch the game from your web browser. Make sure the speed of your internet connection is good. The game will run smoothly on your browser.