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There are a few online slot games that deliver fine quality, and the Urartu online slot is one of them. Endorphina develops it. Urartu is an ancient kingdom in the Bible, and it is located in the Modern day Armenia.

The Urartu game dives into the lot lesser-known ancient civilization of Assyria and all its histories. Only players that have a curious appetite are welcome, or else the uncurious would shy away from fear of the unknown. If you are a curious player, this amazing casino is just right for you.

Overview of the Urartu

Basics of the Urartu

The basics of the Urartu slot are simple; you do not need to apply any complicated techniques at all. There are only five reels and ten paylines on them. For starters, your first step should be to set the value of the coin you intent wagering. This should be easy, thanks to the icon located at the top-left of the screen. You need to select a value for the coins you wish to wager with. The more the coin, the higher the return if you win.

The tabs on both sides of the reels help inform you on the number of paylines you should bet on before spinning. The paylines also increase your chances of winning more cash.

Yes, you can play Urartu for real money. The more your paylines, the more your return. The RTP is based on the wager of the player. A higher wager affects the RTP, and so does a lower wager. Once you have put all the coins and paylines in place, you would now select the amount you want to wager with. You can do so by using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the reels.

After all the settings and wagers, you need to spin. Now, combinations of the same symbols on any activated payline will trigger a jackpot corresponding to the wager you set. If you want to take high risks and double your gains, there is an option for you.

The “Take Risk” button is the provision to your need. After a successful spin, tap the button and keep your hopes high. You would be taken to a mini-game where you and the computer are to pick cards.

No matter the card you pick, your card must be higher than that which the computer picks. If your card value does not beat that of the computer, all your earnings would be taken away instantly. However, a successful pull would automatically double all your earnings.

Amazing Features

The ancient Assyrian empire is the base of the Urartu free game. It has a lot of features that range from the unique cultural background to the graphics that show the connection with this impressive civilization.

  • The background of this casino is an arid desert that is backed by tall, snow-capped mountains. There is a massive grey block of stone where the reels are placed. The stone of devoid of any ornaments and is left plain as it is.
  • There is music in the background playing a mysterious and oriental tune that fits perfectly to the atmosphere of the game. The best part is sound effects that get triggered after every win, and an array of beautiful symbol animations accompanies it.
  • Playing this game is one thing, but the wonderful interface is another thing to admire entirely.

A Superb Experience

There are times that you don’t have the time to spin reels, yet you want to play Urartu slot machine online badly. Well, there is an option for you. Use the Auto Function mode to set the reels to automatic spin mode.

This allows you to place bets over and over again without being interrupted for other reasons. No matter your gaming experience, this feature would come in handy.

The Entire Wins

You should have noticed that the first icons in the game are slot game classics, and playing cards inspire them. You start with the number nine and go all the way to the Ace card. These classic icons are the least valuable of all icons, and they have a dull grey font.

The remaining parts of the pay table are the interesting part, and there is a thirst for a bonus in you already. This is because they are more valuable than the others. They are in ascending order of value, and they include the stone eagle, the helmet and spears, the stone lion, the Queen, and the King.

You would notice that the king and the queen wearing traditional garments. If you get five of a kind of any of the above symbols, you will get up to 750 times your bet. You have to harness this.

What’s the Next

If you have played this casinos online game before, you are smart for coming back to learn what you do not know. For those new to this online casino, you can see the desire of old players to learn. This indicates how much of a game this is. Nothing beats gaming when handled by a serious person. However, fun is the ultimate goal. With all seriousness and experience, you still need to have fun all through the game.


If you haven’t played the Urartu casino slot online, then you haven’t played any game at all. This game is one every device must have.