Vikings Go Berzerk Slot

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Hit the high seas and go for the riches in Vikings Go Berzerk slot. Be an explorer and adventurer as you take charge of a Viking ship and go out to discover new terrain. Loot and plunder are the Viking way, and the riches of undiscovered lands and their treasures lie ahead.

Overview of the Vikings Go Berzerk

Play Vikings Go Berzerk slot for real money, bold, brazen Viking action and breathtaking gameplay are the fun and fantastic elements of the this online casino. Below is an in-depth review of the game.

Basics of the Game

Vikings Go Berzerk game has various fun elements that make it enjoyable and fun. The theme and graphics add to the elements of thrill and adventure. With jackpots that can lead to 10,000 credits and numerous free spins on offer, any player can play at these casinos online to bet, spin and try their luck.

  •         Theme: Vikings are known for their warrior spirit and taste for high adventure. This Viking-inspired casino takes you on a wild ride as you get to join the Vikings as they go after the lucre. Get on board the Viking ship and head to foreign shores, the route leads to lands of incredible treasures.
  •         Graphics: The graphics of this game give you immersive game experience. This casino element gets your attention. Coin symbols, the wild symbol, the siren symbol, the 4 symbols that feature in this slot breathe life into the theme of the game.

Amazing Features

  •         Software: Created by Yggdrasil Gaming, the Vikings Go Berzerk slot can be counted among their best creations. The game has elements that can keep beginners and advanced players engrossed.
  •         Reels: The slot features 25 pay lines and 5 reels. The pay lines are fixed pay lines and let you maximize your winnings when you bet and spin on all 25 lines at one go. Draw any winning combination, this way you hit gold and get rewarded with exciting prizes.
  •         Coins: Gold, silver, iron and bronze coins feature in this game. The value of each coin varies between 5 credits to 70. Drawing the same kind of symbols on the pay lines from left to right sequence can win you money.
  •         Min-max: The game rules determine the wins. The bet max lets you bet on all 25 pay lines before a spin. The icons to choose your bets are placed under the reels. The middle icon spins the reels.
  •         Winnings: This online casino gives you many chances to win rewards and chase the jackpots. The wins include 250 credits to 10,000. The 4 Vikings symbols are valued at 250.credits. Draw this winning symbol in the required sequence, and you get to pocket the reward. You can play the 4 Vikings by choosing the symbol button from the menu.

A Wonderful Experience

This amazing online casino gives you brilliant opportunities to have fun and play for the wins. The elements of the game are easy to get the hang of.

  •         Gameplay: The gameplay is simple to understand. You can customize the game to your liking with the setting icons. You will find the command bar under the reels.
  •         Auto spin: The auto spin lets you play the game on auto mode. To play Vikings Go Berzerk slot online in auto spin mode, you choose a bet value and choose auto spin. The reels will spin automatically at your chosen bet value until you change the bet value or come out of auto mode. This feature lets you watch the action and watch for the wins. It’s all about effortless fun.

The Whole Wins

Enjoy how great it feels to play Vikings Go Berzerk slot machine online when you bet, spin and qualify for any of the free spins bonus round. Each free spin round gets you many free spins.

With these many free spins, you get the feeling of playing this game free. There’s also a reward that you may get rewarded with before any of the free spin rounds begins.

In this slot, rage is a factor, and it’s one that works to your advantage.  When you draw a winning combination with a Viking symbol, the Viking character starts to show some true hot-blooded colors and starts to gather rage.

The level of rage reflects under the reels, and you would want it to reach saturation point. When full of rage, the character has the power to fight and defeat the siren. Should she make an appearance on the reel during the free spins, you can get a reward right there.

If you get lucky and draw the treasure chest symbol, it’s a mighty 10,000 credits that can be yours.

What’s the Next

Vikings Go Berzerk slot has exciting elements that can get you hooked to this slot. The Viking’s lust for riches and mind-blowing treasures are up for grabs as you join them.

The gameplay is uncomplicated, no cheats, strategy or tips can do what focus and instincts can win you in this game. With stable RTP, this creation can give you a fun ride you are likely to remember.


Vikings Go Berserk is a Viking-inspired video slot with incredible game playing action. Play this slot and go straight for the lucrative jackpots.