Dunedin Casino
Dunedin Casino

Dunedin Casino Review

Dunedin casino is a land-based facility that you will find in New Zealand. It is located inside the Southern Cross Hotel. Standing on genuine mosaic floors, the casino’s atmosphere embodies the late 1800s architecture of the hotel. The gambling operator is one that prides itself with a delicious restaurant menu, classic interiors, and lavish game rooms.

Dunedin Casino Games

Once you hit the Dunedin casino opening hours, you have access to a wide selection of table and electronic games.

  • Electronic Games – you will find several machines in the area like video poker and slots. These machines operate anywhere from 1 cent and $1 per bet. There are over 180 games spread out in the area. You do not need coins to operate these machines. All of these are operated with tickets. The machines will also pay out in tickets, which you need to cash out at the cashier.
  • Live Poker – the Dunedin casino poker has several versions, including Texas Hold’em where you can battle against other players. There are regular tournaments held in the facility. You can play poker with chips, which you need to buy at the cashier. At the end of each round, the management takes a small percentage from the pot as a commission.

There is also a cash game but you must be accompanied by the floor supervisor. The supervisor is the one who will select the table where you will participate. You will be on a waiting list should all the tables be full. Once you are seated, you must buy-in at the table from the dealer and it must be the minimum amount. You cannot play the game for any amount lesser than the minimum buy-in.  

  • Roulette – the version that the management operates is American Roulette. To play, you simply have to place your chips on any number on the table layout that you feel like winning. The dealer will spin the wheel and the ball. You will win if the ball stops at the number you wagered on. You must buy non-value chips when playing this game to avoid confusing your chips with that of other players’. You can always cash out these chips after you play.  
  • Blackjack – the facility operates anywhere between six and eight decks of cards. Most of the tables allow splitting your bet if you hit a pair in the initial deal. But of course, you need to place a matching bet to facilitate this option. In the facility, you can only play this game with chips, not with cash.
  • Baccarat – the version played here does not allow optional draws. You can only play baccarat with chips and not with cash.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker – in this game, you are competing against the house. The casino’s version has a progressive jackpot option, which accumulates if you bet at least $1 before every game begins. You will win this progressive jackpot if you hit a flush, straight flush, full house, or four of a kind. Below is the payout table.
Hand Prize
1 pair even money Same as your bet
2 pairs 2:1 payout
3 of a kind 3:1 payout
Straight 4:1 payout
Flush 5:1 payout
Full House 7:1 payout
4 of a kind 20:1 payout
Straight Flush 50:1 payout
Royal Flush Maximum

Dunedin Club Casino

Casino Dunedin offers exciting rewards through its club membership, which is open to all customers at least 20 years old. Being a member grants you privileges such as discounts from the Grand Bar Café. Your membership will also earn you points while playing games at the facility.

To join, you must go to the customer service area and fill out a form. Once approved, you will be issued a card. This will be activated after you submit proof of identification. Your identification document must contain a picture and it must be government-issued. You must bring an extra identification since the management may ask for two.  

Dunedin Restaurants

The Dunedin casino accommodation allows patrons to choose between the Grand Bar Café and Room 118.

The Grand Bar Café specializes in native New Zealand cuisine. It is built around the central spiral staircase in the hotel. It has an a la carte menu that lets you choose specific foods without having to order an entire entre. The meals are reasonably priced and you can nibble on them should you feel the pang of hunger while playing. It can seat up to 60 guests at a time.

Room 118 is in the middle of the Exchange. It is a bar where you can order your favourite drinks. It boasts of Emerson craft beers, Central Otago pinot noir, cocktails, and foods that you can munch while drinking such as patatas bravas, cheese plate, and meatballs.

It is open from Tuesday to Saturday only from 5 PM. The closing time is upon the discretion of the management

Dunedin Casino Hotel

Dunedin in New Zealand operates between 11 AM to 3 AM local time. At all times that you are in the premises, you are expected to be in smart and neat wear. This means no slippers are allowed. You also cannot wear shorts in the same way you do if you are in beach hotels. The Dunedin casino dress code is a little formal and it is required to maintain a respectable crowd.

You must at least be 18 years old to play. If you do not look matured enough, the hotel staff may ask for identification that will prove your age.  

The entire area is monitored with closed circuit cameras. The management has the authority and the right to refuse entry to anybody it deems unruly. Those who are imbibed with liquor and creating a scene will be stepped out.


You may contact the Dunedin casino hotel by calling 0800 477 4545. There is no email address listed in the site.

If you are looking for more information, such as the hottest offers and promotions, you can visit the casino’s website. In it, there is a section called What’s On. This webpage houses all active promotions that the management is offering. The management always has an event that you may find enticing. Examples of these are raffle draws for the member, restaurant discounts, and cash giveaways in the facility.

To be sure, you must visit the Club Desk once you get inside the game room and ask for flyers of their ongoing promotions.