Local Casinos
Local Casinos

Land Based Casinos in New Zealand

It is very well known that New Zealand provides a variety of entertainment facilities like bars, clubs, and casinos. The country’s casinos are truly unique if comparing to those in America or Europe due to their authenticity, diversity, and security.

The gambling movement in the country took its start in the middle of the 19th century. Starting with athletic competitions and then evolving to racing and pokies, gambling movement arose instantly and grew, continuously acquiring a mixture of cultures and customs that were present in the country. Today, New Zealand has just a huge amount of facilities to offer, so that it would be a right choice for anyone seeking for a chance to experience both the gambling community and the beauty of staying at the ocean resort. In this article, you will learn more about local casinos, get an overview on main gaming activities, and find answers to some of the questions that you might have.

Dunedin Casino


Magically located on the coast of the Southern Island, Dunedin Casino would deeply impress you with its cultural diversity. Combining both different architecture styles and different cultures, the casino is worth even just seeing it. Dunedin Casino is not only one of the biggest casinos in New Zealand, but also one of the most visited gambling spots in the whole world! Among all the facilities it has to offer, a visitor can find such great things like 12 gaming tables and 180 electronic gaming machines, which is a lot of fun and excitement! It is also good to mention that gamers that chose Dunedin would experience the dramatic landscape of the Otago Peninsula and can watch the sea lions, penguins, and albatrosses frisking in the waves below.

Christchurch Casino


Can you imagine a more beautiful place on the whole planet to spend a night than a casino located in the center of a coastal city? Bearing the status of New Zealand’s first casino and building even more brilliant reputation, Christchurch Casino is definitely a marvellous place to visit. Despite the fact it has amazing gaming facilities like 36 gaming tables and 500 slot machines, the Christchurch Casino also has a unique offering – exclusive baccarat rooms, where it’s visitors can choose to play Classic Baccarat or Mini Baccarat. On top of all the things mentioned above, the casino is a home to New Zealand’s Poker Championships.

Skycity Auckland


Offering a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of the main city in New Zealand, the Skycity Auckland Casino is an enormous entertainment facility that has a casino, bars, restaurants, hotels, and even spas. Opened 24/7, it continues to be one of the major spots for the world’s gambling community. The casino offers over 1,700 gaming machines and 130 Table Games, and also has a variety of rooms and halls, so that its visitors can play in a common room and enjoy a VIP room with their own company as well. Additionally, the Skycity Auckland casino offers an online option called Free Play.

Skycity Hamilton


A sister of Skycity Auckland, the Skycity Hamilton is a famous casino located on the North Island. Not only it has tons of gaming facilities that would definitely impress any specialist in gambling, but also it offers amazing view, huge conference hall, private VIP rooms, a variety of table games, and such premium facilities like hi-stake electronic games or the Rewards Programme. The Rewards Programme allows gamers to build up the points that they achieve and then redeem them for casino give-aways. The points that a visitor earns while using the programme can be used as discounts on drinks and meals at casino’s bars and restaurants.

Skycity Queenstown


Skycity Queenstown is a luxury casino that is growing from day to day. The casino manages both to operate and develop the gaming machines and tables that it already has and to install new things every time there’s a chance to. There’s a single place where visitors can eat at Skycity Queenstown, though it offers amazing cuisine with a $10 value menu. The casino offers 86 electronic gaming machines and eight table games including baccarat, blackjack, roulette and Caribbean Stud poker. On top of that, Skycity Queenstown is open 24/7 and offers amazing panoramic view from its rooftop.


New Zealand’s casinos have a wide range of entertainment.

Players would definitely have the best gaming experience once they decide to visit any of the country’s casinos.

Since New Zealand’s casinos offer a variety of facilities to accord all possible tastes and financial opportunities, it is a perfect choice for anyone. The country has lots of sights excluding the gambling spots so that visitors would be able to spend their time with comfort and pleasure.

It is important to know that some of the casinos are open 24/7 while some others offer housing facilities such as hotels. Matching all the preferences of a potential client, many of the country’s most famous gambling spots offer different ways of spending time while playing, that extending from private VIP rooms to large playing halls. On top of that, local casinos offer such rare options like online gambling and Rewards Programme.



To participate in any gambling activity in New Zealand, a visitor must be at least 20 years old.


Most casinos in New Zealand accept national ID cards as official documents to entry a gambling facility. Usually, a visitor can use his/her passport or driving license.


No. The government of New Zealand considers gambling a recreational activity, so that you would not have to pay taxes. Only professional gamblers or those with substantial winnings are to be taxed.